Thinking of you

I smiled tonight as I thought of you. The things we’d say. The things we’d do.

I want you to walk into  my room to sit and chat like we used to. 

You’d  look at clothes I bought today and joke that they’d fit you. You’d have them away!

We’d  go out shopping and walk around. Laughing, joking, messing about.

I want to hear your voice some more. Speaking, laughing, even your snore.

I want to hear you laugh out loud. I know how much I miss that sound.

Dad always says “you’re like your mum”. He smiles as he says it, a little grin.

He tells me all the little ways that I am like you, I am your twin.  

I’m proud to be so much like you. I’m proud of all those things, that’s true.

You were my mum, I’m proud to say. I miss you though, more everyday.