Billy Vs Elton

Melly Melody Entertainment, on their Instagram page,  say that they have a passion for creating and delivering quality, authentic, and engaging entertainment for awesome humans who love music and live entertainment!

They’re not wrong. It is all of those qualities and more.  Having seen one of their shows previously called ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, it was time for another. 

Being a big fan of both of these, and having seen both Billy Joel and Elton John live, I knew this was something I was not going to miss. 

The concert was at the J in Noosa, so for Dad and I, it was about an 80km round trip. We had dinner booked and then headed off to the concert. If you have never been to the J, it is a small venue. Wherever your seat, you will always have a great view.

The two artists, Michael Hynes (Elton) and Luke Kingston (Billy), took their places for the duelling to begin. 

With over 80 Top 40 hits to choose from for this concert, how do you choose what to play? Its almost impossible! But there was not a single track that I thought..’You could’ve left that out’. 

Starting with ‘Love lies Bleeding/Funeral for a friend’ and ending on ‘Saturday Nights alright for fighting’, there was a multitude of hit music in between. Our ‘duellers’ even squeezed in an incredibly impressive medley, so that more music from both artists repertoires could be showcased. 

The musicality of this concert was incredible. The sound was amazing. The entire band were all incredibly talented, and covered a multitude of instruments as well as vocals. 

Michael and Luke were entertaining and fun to watch. Their talent was  just extraordinary. With vocals that matched their piano playing, and a high energy that the music certainly asked for, they did not let the audience down. When the audience are dancing in the aisles, you know you have done something right! 

At almost 3 hours (1930-2220), with a short break, this concert certainly dished out the entertainment at an unbelievable value.  

Would I go and see this again? Absolutely. It was a great night and I loved it. It exceeded expectations.

Marks out of 10….I have to say, I would give it 10.