As Nature made him

The boy who was raised a girl.

When something as simple as a circumcision operation goes wrong, it puts a chain of events into action. A chain of events that no-one could have predicted. 

John Colapinto`s breathtaking book tells the story of Bruce and Brian Reimer, twin boys who both required circumcision. Complications caused Bruces penis to be burnt off. 

John tells how the twins parents are in contact with Dr John Money, who coerces them into raising their affected son as a girl, with a view to full gender surgery at a later date in his youth. 

The book enables the reader to see into the ‘nature versus nature’ theory and whether it simply is, that easy. Does giving your son Easy Bake ovens and dresses push him towards feminine ways?

The simple answer to that question is no. Their son, does not cope with their effects to feminise him and becomes bullied and at times suicidally depressive in his nature. 

Several things struck me when I read this book. The complete disregard of the medical profession for their patient amazed me. They were enamoured by the great research topic rather than the patient himself. 

My views of Dr Money, he was mutilating children and experimenting on them in order to complete his gender studies. These were criminal actions. There were distinct elements of paedophilia with the photos and actions taken through the meeting of the child with Dr Money. 

The fact that, as soon as Bruce was told of what had happened to him, he made the decision that he was not to be forced to be feminine. He was going to be a boy and change his name. He wanted to change his name, start afresh. 


I had heard about the case some years ago, well after it all originally occurred. I decided to source the book and read about it. I wanted to find out what had happened in David Reimers life.

While this book was very well written and researched, an element of me also found it disturbing. Because of everything that Dr Money did, a family was ruined irreparbly.

I found that I wanted to reach into the pages of this book and ask Ron and Janet, their side of things. I wanted to know what was going through their heads when they were putting their child through this. I wanted to reach in and hug David. Just give him any support I could. 


I sourced out the author through social media to thank him for this incredible read. I am hoping I have made a new friend with a fellow author.

Thank you again John Colapinto.