If it ain’t woke

Ben Shapiro is an attorney, a businessman, a columnist, a commentator and a media personality. Throw into that mix, that he is editor emeritus for The Daily Wire, host of his own daily political podcast show and an author, and you find a talented human.

Whether you are part of the political left, or you are firmly ensconced on the right, this book has something for you. It encourages you to look at your views, whether they are left or right of the political aisle, and it asks you to rethink them.

Ben Shapiro has looked at what is happening in America, and through his collection of columns, he has himself expertly refuted the lefts politics.  Ben has looked at how becoming ‘woke’ is worn like a medal by some of the virtue signallers around us. He has looked at how normalities of everyday life are changing due to the wokeness in the world.

What Ben Shapiro shows through his words and evidence, is that those who don’t agree with the woke ideology are treated as dissidents. These ‘dissidents’ would happily explain their views, but the woke left won’t allow that and with a tantrum or two and cancel culture creeping in, they try to shut them down.

This book, through the columns shared, is a clear expose of wokeness. Chapter headings can show that. Here are just a few.

  • When lies matter more than facts.
  • The fight over identity.
  • The Lefts war with biological reality.
  • Why Dr Seuss had to go.

Ben Shapiro is an excellent writer. He’s a superb thinker with a logic that surpasses others. He always has the facts to hand. These columns dissect wokeness, but not just pulling it apart and having a look. This is a precise dissection, analytical in nature. This is an extremely well written book. The length of the columns allows the facts to be given succinctly. While the woke amongst us that are left of the political aisle, concern their self more with not offending someone, right of the aisle, including Ben Shapiro live by a different analogy, that of “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”