Fierce Valor

When you watch Band of Brothers, it`s natural to have your favourite characters, whether it be Winters, Sobel or Nixon. But it is also natural to be more inquisitive about some if them. For me, Speirs was the one that ticked that box.

Fierce Valor gives you an insight into not only Speirs the soldier, but Speirs the man. Was he as mysterious as he was portrayed? Did he do any of the things that were rumoured about him?


What Fierce valor gives you is so much more. You learn what a brave combat leader he was. You learn of his governorship of Spandau Prison. You learn of his career and how the Korean War was a part of that. You learn how his comrades called him ‘Killer’. You learn how he sought a life of peace too.

This book is well researched and really introduces us to the man, and not the rumours about him. This book is beautifully written and is compelling. It holds your attention throughout. The authors have done a beautiful job with this book and it is something to be incredibly proud of.