Father’s Day


Think back to Valentine’s Day and what you see around you. Cards and cuddly toys all around for weeks before. The price of flowers hyper inflated due to it being Valentines Day and the fact that suppliers know they will be purchased. Roll forward to Mother’s Day. Same again. Cards and gifts out well in advance and a dedicated day for our mums. Now we are at Father’s Day.  So, here’s my question.

Why do we have a dedicated day for Mums, dads and lovers?

For over 20 years, I’ve never succumbed to these days. I’ll be honest. I despise the commercialisation of it all. Why should someone tell me that a certain day is when I say “I love you” to someone? I don’t buy into that. I tell people all the time. That’s just the way I am. I changed the way I viewed Mothers and Father’s Day and decided that it would be on a day of my choosing. It would be “My Mums Day” or “My Dads Day”. They would never know when it was coming, leaving an element of surprise and love that they never expected that day.

I might be shopping with mum and randomly pick up a bill when she gets clothes. I may buy concert tickets for Dad and me. You get the gist don’t you. But every now and then, I do fall for the day, today being one of those days.


Dad was a pastry chef in his younger days. One thing he cannot find in Australia are decent fruit scones. They’re either weird flavour,  not enough fruit or plain ones. Never quite right. So, when I logged online the other day and stumbled on Aimee Provence and saw their advert for home delivered scones, jam and cream for Father’s Day, I couldn’t let that one slide.  

Aimee Provence

When I got up this morning, I wished Dad a “happy Father’s Day for the Father’s Day we never celebrate!” Then bang on time, the doorbell rang, and they were here. Scones, jam and cream in a beautifully presented box from Aimee Provence. To use my dad`s exact words, “you just couldn’t resist, could you?”

We had the scones, jam and cream and while they’ll never match my dads, they ran a very close second. They were light and full of fruit. They were a good size and incredibly tasty! Thank you to the staff of Aimee, the delivery driver who gave his advice on ensuring rewarming was done correctly, and most of all, thank you to my Dad. You are my dad, my advisor, my concert partner, my holiday partner, my housemate and most of all, you’re my friend.