My husband & Texting

There are so many scenarios in that you may send a text to the wrong person. You mean to send a text telling someone to meet you for dinner but forget to send it. You mean to send a text to someone asking them to do something for you but send it to the wrong person.

Let me tell you the story of a text gone wrong.

My late husband Mark and I were notoriously close to my Dads youngest sister and her husband. We would spend many nights there having a takeaway, a few drinks and generally putting the world to rights so it was not really any surprise when Mark and my uncle started heading off to Italy each year. 

My uncle was going for numerous things and needed a co-driver. Mark asked me if I minded. Seriously……? I got a week’s peace and quiet! I was fine with that!!

So off they went. This particular years trip was longer than usual. About 5 days more than usual. Still ok but by the end of the first week we had started to really miss each other. As my uncle and Mark were sat at the cafe having breakfasts and coffees, my uncle would be texting my aunt and Mark texting me. 

As the trip went on, the texts got, shall I say, a little “saucier”! As it was reported to me, Mark had hit send on the latest text and just went white. All my uncle could hear was “oh no oh no”.  Mark revealed that the text was incredibly saucy, and he had typed in excruciating detail about what I could expect when he got home!

Upon further questioning my uncle got to the bottom of it. Mark had hit send BUT sent it to the wrong person! The person that received it was in hospital. The person that received it had just gone through major knee surgery. I know, it’s killing you isn’t it. You want to know who got it?


What do you do when you realise that your mother-in-law just received “that text”? Well, he called me pretty quickly and confessed what had happened so I could call my mum to explain. My mum has a great sense of humour and did the only thing she could do. She forwarded it to me with a message that said “I have a feeling that this was meant for you but I can tell how much he has missed you!!!”

Lets just say…..for some years after, we continued to regale him with the story. My uncle to this day still laughs at the memory.