Dinner Party

Our first dinner parties began years ago with Caroline, John, Alan and Elaine.

We would go to the Harvester in Brentwood and  share everything  ordered to taste


Our dinner parties were such a treat after all of us working all week.

The meals were expensive so all that we had was that monthly meal where we would all meet 


As we were all struggling to pay for these meals, cost was shared for the food  and the drinks.

They were our best friends, lived on the same street. Even shared our wine, what a treat!


Life changed and some of us then had children. After all those posh meals of steak.

So we changed and tried the meals at home. Started at our place for a break.


I laid the table as if in a hotel. I was proud of it, sure did look swell.

We were posh, had starters and main course. Plus a dessert that went down very well.


The wine was brought safely from France. Fetched by Caroline and John.

We thought Blue Nun, Lambrusco or anything French would surely meet our taste buds.


We shared between the three couples. We made it a bi-monthly treat.

We couldn’t wait to meet up again, round the table in our usual seats.


The first as I said, was at our house. Start with breadcrumbed and coriander pork.

Add in a nice rump steak, followed by trifle. Need a spoon now, no fork!


We always had  fun but I think sometimes desert was the best by far at the table.

Alan would always finish the trifle off, and always used the ladle!!


Sitting at the dinner party table, we still laugh about the things we remember.

The ideas that we had. The stories we told that brought us all closer together.


The dinner parties were priceless and ended up with us all staying over.

A sumptuous breakfast eaten together. Out for a walk ,then off our own way.

There my friends, is the closure.