Erika Eleniak – Actress



Erika Eleniak was born in Glendale, California. 

The world remembers her as lifeguard Shauni McClain in Baywatch.  You may remember her from the movie “Under Siege”

However, there is much more to Erika.

She is an actress, author and mother. But what else is there to learn? 

Read on to find out what makes her tick!

Due to Covid19 continuing its dominance over our world as well as different continents and time zones, meant that a face to face interview was out of the question. Erika graciously agreed to answer emailed questions for my interview article.

Who is Erika? Describe yourself to me.

“Erika Eleniak is my name and I consider myself a spiritual being enjoying my human existence.  Erika tells me that she considers herself here to express spirit, contribute to the well-being of others and enjoy this delicious journey called Life.”

How was life growing up? Who was the young Erika?

Erika told me “Growing up, we had our ups and downs like many families. My parents split when I was very young and that determined where/ how we lived to a pretty big extent”.

Erika went on to say “As for me, I was imaginative and LOVED all things spiritual. From a young age I even loved the religious side of things, seeing how the “Golden Thread” that ran through all of the religions, theosophies, spiritual ideas was the same. All of the thoughts and ideas fascinated me. I believed in magic very early on too.”

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Every child when they are growing up has an idea of what they want to be. That changes continually and for Erika this was no different. I asked Erika the question and she gave me a list!

Erika said “Things changed continuously for me. When I was a child, I wanted to be:

  • A Parapsychologist.
  • A Mafia Princess.
  • A Truck Driver.
  • A Lawyer.
  • A Dancer.
  • A Writer and a Child Psychologist 

You often hear actors say, “I always wanted to act”. I noted that acting had not played a part in Erika`s list so this led me straight into another question for her.

When did you first realise that you wanted to act?

Erika explained how she “fell into” acting. “My Dad got me started because he dated a wonderful lady who worked for a film company and I started in commercials. I decided to stick around at about age 10.”

What was your first role?

Erika remarked that she started in theatre. Erika mentioned how her first commercial was a Star Wars Underoos Commercial ( kids underwear). However, her first film role was playing “ pretty girl” in ET., The Extra Terrestrial at age 12.  Erika commented that “pretty girl” is the girl that Elliott kisses in the classroom. What a start to film life!

Do you have a favourite role?

Erika answered this and said “without doubt, Elly May in the film remake of The Beverly Hillbillies”

 I asked Erika whether she would have a least favourite role?

Erika answered “I don’t have one! I have “least favourite moments “ in every adventure. Challenging moments, etc”

In everyone`s life, there are moments that we look back on. Can you talk about Playboy? How did that episode of your career come to be? 

Erika remarked “I was very young – a year out of high school and was roommates with Terri Lynn Doss. I went with her one day to pick up photos at the playboy studio, where I met Marilyn Grabowski, the Editor who asked if I wanted to test.

I was very shocked, initially. I always looked at it as a personal endeavour as opposed to a professional one. I was smart enough to know that it may just make things more difficult in terms of the career I was pursuing, not easier. But when we are 18, we feel invincible.”

During your actor career, are there any actors that you would have loved to work with but never had the chance?

This was an easy answer for Erika. “There are so many actors that I respect and admire and would have loved to have worked with. For instance: Morgan Freeman, Gena Rowlands, Gary Oldman just to name a few.”

Why did you decide to become a writer? 

When I read Erika`s answer to this question, I smiled to myself. As a new writer, her answer almost mirrored what I would have written for my own response to this. “I have been writing since I was a little kid. Songs, stories, poetry. I even “wrote” a script when I was 10. I typed with one finger at a time on an old typewriter.” I asked Erika how writing made her feel?  “It’s always been cathartic for me.” This was again a mirror image of my own feelings.

Can you tell me about your podcasts?

It comes across in Erika`s Instagram and words that she has an incredible passion. This was punctuated by her answer to my question. “I am so passionate about The Spiritual Alchemy with Erika Podcast!! It’s literally a culmination of years of studying the Law of Attraction & various forms of Spirituality with the idea that we can take what we have, right here and right now and turn it into “gold”. “

Erika went on to say “ I would like to enable the world to realise that we can create the life experiences that we truly desire to have, as well as evolve as the spiritual beings ( in human bodies) that we are. We make this world a better place by inspiring others to do the same. It’s my contribution here and I am very humbled and grateful for the opportunity to do it.”

 What are you goals at the moment?

Erika’s goal is very simple – To grow with this podcast and keep reaching more and more people with it. 

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Erika told me of her next project. “The next thing I have upcoming is The Baywatch Documentary “ The American Dream” is in post-production now and will be coming out soon. I contributed to this of course. However my  biggest focus right now is the Spiritual Alchemy w/ Erika podcast. I am teamed up with A Really Good Home Production Team and we are very excited for all of the plans and episodes we have in the works. You can find my Podcast on Google, Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio Podcasts and most places: The Spiritual Alchemy Podcast with Erika and also on my website:

Real Erika Eleniak Blog

Proudest moment in life.

I like to ask this of every person that I interview. One thing I have noticed is that answers revolve a lot around success of a business or project. It was beautifully refreshing to hear Erika`s answer. While she could have spoken about her work, she was extremely clear what had given her the most pride in her life and what her hugest achievement was.
I could imagine Erika smiling to herself as she typed the answer to me. She told me “The birth of my daughter, Indyanna. She absolutely gave ME life. She is my biggest achievement and the thing I am most proud of in all that I have done”

Where to from here for you?

Of course, every interview always concludes in a “what next?” So, that was my final ask of my time with Erika. Her response simply this. “LOTS AND LOTS OF ADVENTURES AHEAD!! Many places to travel to and experience, people to meet, love to share. Joy and happiness and dreams coming to fruition to experience. There is much to do!”

Erika tried to explain in words how it all made her feel  “Sometimes, I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland … always in a hurry to be on to the next thing. That’s why I love doing the podcast because it reminds me to take time and enjoy ALL of Life’s beautiful moments!!”

Thank you Erika for your time and for your extremely honest and beautiful responses.