I`m dreaming of….


Christmas again, the season is here. Aren’t we supposed to be full of goodwill and good cheer?

I can’t drum that up. I’m a grumpy old  one. I dislike the season. People think I am weird. 

When you’re chasing around for the entire day, no time to sit, have a conversation to say, 

How about for a change, someone get me a drink? A look of horror spreads around. You can tell, they didn’t think! 

So there I am up and cooking the food. Running around, don’t think I am rude. 

I just don’t have time to sit down and say,  Merry Christmas etc on this “happy” day. 

The dinner is given to all that are there,  but before i get seated, i notice…no chair. 

So. I go find a seat. I say ‘don’t wait for me’. Course, no one has, they’re eating already! 

By the time I sit down, my space has been filled, by crackers and paper and glasses to fill. 

“Oh while you’re up” I hear someone say “Want to fill up my glass?” Oh yes I smile away! 

Once all that’s done, I  sit down, eat my food,  Usually balanced on an old bathroom stool

This is the point where I’m heckled  by all. Can I hurry up , theyre ready for their 15th course. 

And through all this, I’m sitting there with my flashing Xmas earrings in and a smile and a stare 

On the bright side though, we can move in the room. now the food has been eaten. I forgot , where’s the broom?

Sweeping up what is left, what’s been spilt on the floor.  Family now asking, is there anything more?

Someone will want the one thing I haven’t got.  Ain’t that always the way. I dont care a jot. 

Everyone’s gone and I go to bed. The season is done, was that all in my head?

The madness we have for one day of the year. 

It’s all away now, that is til next year.