Magic of a Bucket List

In the grand tapestry of life, there exists a realm of dreams and aspirations that beckons us to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Enter the realm of bucket lists – those captivating compilations of desires, dreams, and experiences that ignite the flames of our deepest passions. Like a roadmap to a life well-lived, a bucket list is a reflection of our innermost desires, urging us to step outside our comfort zones and savor the diverse richness that the world has to offer.

The bucket list reminds us that life is not merely about survival but about thriving in every conceivable way. It is a celebration of our individuality and a testament to our boundless curiosity. From the iconic landmarks that grace many a list to the unconventional and deeply personal goals that shape others, the world of bucket lists is as diverse as the human spirit itself.

So, fasten your seatbelts, open your minds to the limitless possibilities, and let us embark together on a captivating exploration of a bucket list. It’s time to unlock the door to a life brimming with fulfilment, purpose, and the sheer joy of living without regret. What’s your bucket list?

It’s not until I sat down to write this piece that I realised how much of my list I’d ticked off. Some intentionally, some unintentionally.

Heres what I have ticked off my list…

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge – When I moved to Australia, this became a must for me. My late husband and I took a trip to Sydney and booked the climb. Let’s just say, it did not disappoint. – Ticked off✔️

Visit the Sydney Opera House – The Opera House is something special. It’s one of those places that as soon as you see it nestled in the harbour, you just smile. It does, as people say, everything it says on the tin! It’s impressive and exactly like you imagine it to be. The inside tour (many steps to climb) is just as impressive and was another ticked off the list ✔️

Stay in a 5 star hotel – I always wanted to stay in a posh hotel. My late husband and I did just that when we went to Sydney. We stayed in the Shanghai-La Hotel. Stunning hotel, great service and ticked off my list

Climb Q1 – Q1 is a large residential/hotel building on the Gold Coast. Back in 2014, when my late husband and I took my brother and sister-in-law there for a ‘quiet’ weekend, we decided to climb Q1. It had only recently been opened for the climb and we did it. I even managed it 6 months after surgery for cancer! Ticked off ✔️

Walk a field of sunflowers!

My late husband would buy me sunflowers every week. Yes, I know, cheesy and sentimental right? But he did it and I loved them. So, when I found out about the Kalbar Sunflower Festival, I had to go. Walking through a field of 80,000 sunflowers was a special moment. Even if it was just me. Ticked that one off✔️

Let my brother drive me around the Nurburgring track – My brother is a petrol head and regularly visits the Nurburgring in Germany. One year the conversation got around to….”you should come you know”, so Mark and I did. I did 2 laps in the passenger seat of his EVO and wow, what an experience. Ticked off my list✔️

Own glass from Illume Creations

I have loved this glass shop in Montville ever since I landed in Australia. Its glassware is unique, hand-blown creations from Tina Cooper. Its glassware I’ve never been able to afford but on my 50th birthday, I got a unique Tina Cooper piece from Illume Creations. Thanks Dad. Ticked off the list✔️

Now for what I’d love to do…

Drive Australia in a VW Kombi – I’ve always loved kombis. Why, I don’t know. I can’t explain it, but I do. I have a romantic notion of driving parts of Australia in one. Wherever that drive takes me, a Kombi would be my mode of transport. It’s on my wish list.

Balloon Flight – A hot air balloon flight has been on my wish list for many years. I used to go to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta in the UK back in the 90s and I was hooked. The beauty and serenity that each flight seemed to convey won me over. Maybe one day…it’s on my wish list.

Fly first class – This is an easy one and I bet on millions of lists. Who doesn’t want to fly first class!? Just the once. Just for the experience.  When you fly from Australia to the UK (24hrs) in coach, anything else is a luxury, but there is a part of me that wants to turn left when I get on a plane and go first class. Just once. It’s on my wish list.

See Mark knopfler in concert from the front row – I’m a huge Dire Straits fan. Some of their songs have special meanings for me.  I’m also a fan of Mark Knopflers solo work. Like anyone, I love a good concert. Mark Knopfler is someone I’ve never seen live. It would have to be front row. Added to the wish list. 

Go to New York for a holiday – I have landed in New York on layover for a flight to the west coast of the states, but never holidayed there. Central Park, the Empire State Building, Hudson River, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, shopping and so much more. Added to the wish list.

Visit the “Field of Dreams” house for a stay – I’ll admit this is a sentimental one for me. One of my late husbands’ favourite movies was the iconic “Field of Dreams”. Whenever we went back to the States, we intended to fly to Iowa to see this location. But we never made it back. It’s on my wish list.

Feed the crocs with Terri Irwin at Australia Zoo – I see a lot of news about how crocodiles should be culled due to fatal attacks on people swimming in areas that are known for crocodile sightings. No animal should be culled for protecting its territory and looking for food. I want to learn about these animals from Australia Zoo. See them close up and learn how they feed. On the wish list.

Interview some celebrities – I would dearly love to interview:

  • Terri Irwin – about her life at Australia zoo.
  • Bradley Whitford – about his work on The Handmaids Tale.
  • Damian Lewis – for his work on Band of Brothers as well as his transition to music.
  • Liz Collin – about her work on ‘The Fall of Minneapolis’.
  • Kevin Pollak- on his work on ‘A Few Good Men’ & working with Jack Nicholson.
  • Alan Ritchson – about his work on Reacher and how he embodies the role.
  • Michael Douglas – about Romancing the Stone and on-screen chemistry with Kathleen Turner.
  • Adam Reynolds – on how he has brought the Broncos together as a team.

Crafting a bucket list is a transformative and invigorating journey, inviting individuals to articulate their deepest dreams, desires, and aspirations. It serves as a vivid roadmap, delineating the thrilling adventures awaiting us and instilling in us a fervent desire to seize life’s myriad opportunities with boundless enthusiasm and purpose. As I gaze into the horizon of the future and joyfully check off more items from my list, it serves as a poignant reminder that life is an exquisite tapestry of experiences waiting to be woven.