“Ramblings” book Reviews

Sabia khan

Beautiful, heartfelt poems

Ramblings of a forty something widow


Rambling of a forty something widow is a collection of 35 short poems.

Beautifully written , delightful and heartfelt poems coming straight from the author’s heart.

Those lines filled me with emotions. I cried feeling the pain and laughed at the joy each poems pours to the reader.

I loved the way at how simply the author has beautifully narrated each of the poems. Such a simple and lucid use of language.

Thankyou @madhatter_press for bringing this book to me ..Feeling Blessed

SkinandbeautybyJessica – Its an awesome read. Highly recommend it. 

Suzanne Brailsford – Hi Joanne … lying here reading your book and it’s making me cry and smile. It is helping me through one of the hardest days of my life . My baby nephew is in theatre having surgery to remove a brain tumour. Your book is helping me to survive the day xx it’s wonderful , thank you xx

You are an inspiration Joanne. I’m so glad I picked this up to read today xx 💕

John & Caroline Knight – Love your poetry Jo, keep on writing as I think you can help a lot of people deal with grief in their own way and not feel they have to fit a stereotype.

Rebekah Hattersley – So sorry I haven’t had chance to get back to you with review I seem to have hardly had a minute past few weeks. I’ve read your book and I am utterly amazed. Your writing is so hard hitting and raw. Not going to lie got me emotional a couple of times. I read it cover to cover and I am honestly in awe of your talent! Well done auntie jo! You already know unclet would be extremely proud of you without me having to even tell ya 💗

Tina Coveley – I’ve read your book and enjoyed it very much. 

Alan and Elaine Mildren – We have got your book and read it. We loved it.  To see our names in print in the acknowledgements was very special. 

Matthew Hattersley -I read the book the first day it came. Its good. Thank you.  

Tony & Tracey Mulcahy – Well what can I say, emotional. Very proud. Loved the wizard, what a great memory for everyone, a memory we all have from Australia that has stuck with us all. Well done you it’s fantastic.


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 November 2020

Martin Friel – fantastic effort for her first book with, hopefully, many more to follow. Joanne clearly puts her feelings on the paper for what is a very traumatic part of anyones life, I hope this process was found to be a cathartic release to ease moving forward.

Kathy Anderson – I’ve got your book and read it!! Well done you! Xx
Great! Xx

Charlie Walker – I must admit I’m not a lover of poetry… the last lot I read I was at school 😂 my favourite one is the one about mum (obviously I’m biased)

Sheila Hattersley – I loved it. Number 9 just made me cry, all about Mark. You have a way with words and feelings. It’s just perfect. Thank you. 

Patricia Day – I have just read it, cover to cover.    I have to say it is very good, very clever, and in some places very sad reading.   I think the book will do very well.   Now I am looking forward to your next book so you must let me know when it will be ready.

Carol Beckham – I have a signed copy of Joannes  poetry book, the second one off the line. Joanne had the first, I had the second and Barry had the third.
I desperately wanted to be able to hold this signed copy and I read it over two nights.
Joannes work is amazing and even if you are not into poetry, it makes great reading and memories. You can feel this all through the book even if you don’t know Joanne or Mark personally.
It’s a must read from a new author with more to come.
Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Rachel Hattersley – My favourite n the one that brought tears was poem 32 Nana as it made me think of you n how you miss Mark as much as your Nana missed your Grandad

Anthony Brewer – I bought your book yesterday. A massive well done to you. 
I will come back when I have digested more but I have to say I do think this is a beautiful little start to your new literary career. 

Charlotte Hattersley – Yeah i read the poems yesturday. They are really good.you should be proud of yourself xx

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 October 2020

Loved this book of memoirs written as poetry. Joanne shared the worst and the best moments with the reader and enabled me through her words to feel the emotion and feelings that were inside her heart.

Doreen – Loved the book Joanne has written. She is a very talented and clever lady to write of her personal life in such of a way of stories into poetry. Lots of mixed emotions, some sad, some happy, some bring a smile.

I had taken the book to read in bed late at night just to read a couple of poems, this was not to be. One poem led to another, then another until I had to read it all, I couldn’t put it down. I know I will read it again.

I highly recommend the book to all members here, my family, friends and acquaintances.

Congratulations and well done Joanne🌻🌼