Author: Melissa Gould.

I stumbled on this book when I signed up for Amazon first. I secured myself an advance copy and settled in for the duration. 

Being a widow myself, I had some idea of what I was in for, but the “widowish” title intrigued me. What did our author mean by widowish? 

This book will have you laughing. It will make you cry. It will make you yell out in support of the author. Best of all, it made me want to be Melissa`s friend. 

As a widow myself, I am always a little apprehensive reading this delicate subject matter, and believe me, I have read a few! This one hits all the right notes. 


Trust me when I say, that this book is anything but boring. Melissa writes with a passion that is undeniable.

To be a widow at any age is inconceivable but even when you know that something is coming (as she did and as did I) it does nothing to prepare you for the moment when it happens.

Melissa puts into words how you not only deal with your own world collapsing but you hold up the world for others. She tells how everything in life is now her responsibility and she has to do it. She tells you how friends stepped up to support her but how some friends have changed.

This book is written wth the passion and core truth that the subject demands. It is a subject that is “not talked about” or “talked about in the wrong way”. When someone passes away, everyone has an opinion. Everyone knows someone that this has happened to. Everyone “knows how you feel”. Melissa addresses this humorously and directly in the polite yet firm way that she puts people in their place. 

Melissa, be proud of this. I would be proud to be your friend, stand by you and watch you revel in the adoration this book deserves. Congratulations. Hope your “part 2” is continuing well. ❤️

If you have been through, or are going through this situation. If you know someone going through this – please recommend this book! 

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