Eggshell skull

I had noticed this book several times. I had walked past it in the local shops, the cover grabbed my attention but I hadn’t picked it up. After a couple of weeks of thinking about it, I bit the bullet and ordered it online. Who is this woman I found myself thinking? So I settled myself in and began reading.
First published in 2018, I found that this book could be categorised but into non-fiction. It could be seen also as dipping its toes into media and drama but non-fiction was the overarching theme. The plot centres on Bri Lee, the author, who has taken a post as a judge’s associate. Her job involves travelling around Queensland seeing case after case of sexual abuse and assault. The author Lee discusses her role and until part way through the book keeps a secret she has not told for some years.

The author remains genuine, upfront and emotive as she reveals that she knows how all the ladies in her cases feel. She has been in their shoes. She was that woman. Following her involvement in a particular case where the relief of an assault victim had proved to be very cathartic, author Lee decides that it is time to step up, make a report and fight her own corner. This book details that fight and shows the injustices that sexual abuse victims face.
Reading this book took me along at a frantic pace, so frantic that I felt that I could not stop reading for fear that I may miss something. Ms Lee`s writing makes you feel that you are living her story. With such a subject matter this has the potential to be problematic but Ms Lee manages to achieve this in a subtle and compassionate way.
As I turned the final page I realised that I was fully aware of three things. How much debate is going on in regard to this subject and how much is still needed? Mostly I noted how much this book had impacted my own emotions and thought processes in regard to this subject.