The Customisable Co

Here’s the story. There I am, morning coffee in hand, surfing through my social media feeds on Instagram, when something attracted my attention. 

I saw this. “The Customisable Co” and a message talking about their latest work, as well as looking for people who were interested in samples. 

A few messages went back and forth, and a couple of samples landed at my front door. 

The Customisable Co is run by a local Sunshine Coast mum, Molly.  Molly has two small children, aged seven and two, her eldest son having autism. While she had always worked full time, she wanted more time with the children, so decided on a new venture. The Customisable Co was born.

Molly makes a whole range of personalised gifts, and is accommodating of any special requests that you may have for that special occasion.  When I liaised with Molly, she explained how much she loved the bath salts, but never seemed to find the time to use them herself. For that reason, she developed the shower steamers. 

Molly left me two samples. One was called “Good Morning Gorgeous” which was made from lemongrass, mandarin and citrus. The second was “Winter Warmer” which was made from eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. 

I tested both of my shower steamers, one on the day of drop off, and one a few days later. 

The shower steamer smells  lingered long enough to take you through your shower, without feeling that it was overpowering to you while in the cubicle. There was barely any residue left behind from the steamers, and what was there was able to be showered away very easily. 

Both of the shower steamers were beautiful, but I did have a clear winner. “Good Morning Gorgeous” was by far my favourite. I am a big fan of anything citrus smelling, and have never been partial to eucalyptus. 

Would I purchase some? Yes I would. 

Would I recommend them? Yes, definitely.