Out of the Corner



Remember that immortal, iconic line “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”? Say that to anyone, and they’ll know exactly what you’re talking about. They’ll know who you’re talking about.

Out of the Corner, is the memoir of Jennifer Grey. This memoir is one of a kind. It’s intimate and honest. Candid and raw. Nothing is held back from Jennifer’s life. The good, the bad, the indifferent, and the crazy….it’s all there.


Jennifer Grey was Americas sweetheart. That life started in 1970s Malibu and New York. That love of acting and the stage started with her watching her dad and going to the theatre with him. Jennifer happily shares her wild club nights and her roles in movies such as The Cotton Club, Ferris Buellers Day off and Red Dawn, where she met Patrick Swazye. Then of course, she gifted the world her appearance as Baby, when she made Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swazye.

Her frankness as she discusses plastic surgery, her friendships, and failed romances, is refreshing to read. I smiled when I read that Maggie, her friend, ended up being Janice in Friends. Imagined nights when Jennifer found her friendship with Madonna, and the fun they must have had. I remembered from my youth seeing Matthew Broderick & Jennifer together on the news and in magazines.

Jennifer finding what she needed to be, what she was destined to be….a mother….filled my heart. You could feel the love coming from the pages through her words.

This book was a beautiful read. I didn’t want to stop, I read it in 1 ½ days. The words, the language, it was right. I’m sure some will say that there are too many swear words, but I get the feeling that’s Jennifer. That’s how I expect her if I meet her. Upfront, say it like it is. That’s what the book gave me.