Home Safe

Author: Mitchell Consky

It’s no secret in my house that I read a lot. When I say a lot, I’m talking copious amounts of books every year. I do the Goodreads book challenge yearly and set myself targets. 

This year I also discovered NetGalley which gives me the chance to read and review books for authors, prior to their publication. Giving a review to an author is the greatest gift you can give. 

On NetGalley, I stumbled on this book.  

Set against the backdrop of the covid pandemic, and the rules and regulations that we all abided by, this book allows the reader into the most personal journey.

While the authors family of frontline workers come together with their knowledge, what lies at the centre is a father, a husband and much loved family member who is suffering from cancer.

Our author gifts you something special. A father with an unwavering love for his son and that son determined to ensure that his end of life care is everything it should be.

Mitchell has to learn to let his father go. Fathers and heroes and warriors and best friends to sons. As a child you think your father is invincible, but home safe is about realising that this is not the case.

To our author: thank you for this beauty. It is written so well,  and as a nurse of 30 years I could relate to it. As a widow of 3 years, I could relate to your mum, and as someone who lost her mum to lung cancer 18 months ago, I was walking your path too. Your story resonated deeply. The undertone of impending loss, yet there was a beauty in the time and memories that you all had. 

Thank you Mitchell Consky. 

Released November 1 2022

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