I have life


The book fearlessly thrusts readers into the heart of the 1994 attack, wasting no time with a chilling opening line, “Move over or I’ll kill you.” In just six words, the narrative propels us into the author’s car, experiencing firsthand the palpable terror she endures. The raw intensity is vividly conveyed through evocative language and imagery. Following the assault, the author crawled to a nearby road, where she was discovered and rushed to the hospital, bearing the gruesome aftermath – a slit throat, exposed intestines, the trauma of rape, and an uncountable number of stab wounds.

“I Have Life” unfolds as Alison’s harrowing account – a narrative of abduction, rape, violence, and the brink of death at the hands of two assailants. Yet, it is not merely a chronicle of suffering; it is a testament to Alison’s resilience and recovery, a saga of rebuilding her shattered life. The book stands as an homage not only to the resilience of the human spirit but also to Alison’s unyielding will to survive. It serves as an inspiration for those grappling with trauma, illuminating the possibility of light even in the darkest hours.

While some reviewers have labeled it a ‘tough read,’ I contend that ‘truthful’ is a more fitting descriptor. The narrative refrains from sugarcoating any aspect of the attack or its aftermath, embodying the essence of a genuinely powerful book – one that confronts reality head-on. This uncompromising approach pays tribute to the authors’ commitment to authenticity.

One of the book’s notable strengths lies in its meticulous introduction of the individuals who played pivotal roles in Alison’s life – from the compassionate stranger who offered aid to the doctors who became her lifeline, from her parents to her clinical psychologist. Each character is afforded their own narrative space, allowing readers to understand their impact and significance in Alison’s journey. This artful storytelling adds a layer of depth and richness to the narrative, enhancing the overall reading experience.

 This book unfolds a compelling narrative, delving into a harrowing tale that resonates with the profound courage and unwavering determination of its protagonist, Alison. Her journey unfolds not merely as a personal account but as a testament to resilience. Alison bravely shares her experiences, utilising them not only to assist others but also recognising when to seek support for herself. The narrative captures the transformative moment when Alison chose to release the old version of herself, demonstrating a keen awareness of her own growth.

Alison’s impact extends far beyond the pages of this book. From engaging with business professionals and supporting rape survivors to connecting with underprivileged schoolchildren and collaborating with charity groups, she has addressed diverse audiences ranging from intimate gatherings of eight to large crowds of 8000. Her reach spans across borders, with talks translated into various languages, including Spanish in Mexico and multiple languages at an international conference in Washington DC.

Alison’s mantra is clear: “I have spoken, and I continue to speak, to make a difference.” Whether addressing a massive audience or impacting just one individual, Alison’s words fulfil their purpose. This book encapsulates not only a gripping story but a profound journey of empowerment and the ripple effects of one person’s courage.