Settle for more

Author: Megyn Kelly.


Where do I start? Megyn Kelly came to my radar as a writer through watching the movie Bombshell. I had heard her name before and knew she was a journalist but that was the limit of my knowledge. So following my watching of the movie, I bought her book. 
I wanted to know what made her tick. I wanted to know about her lifestyle and how she had been able to achieve what she aimed for in life. I read this book and in an absurdly short space of time too! Now I can say this is my favourite autobiography and for one simple reason. It does exactly what it says on the tin!

It demonstrates how Ms Kelly was raised in a loving family. One that did not sing her praises but just encouraged her to be the best she could. A family that valued dedication and hard work. The fact that failures throughout her life are clearly viewed as a valuable lesson is refreshing. Too many authors are concerned with failure and pay too much attention to how something should have been. Ms Kelly pays attention to “what was”. She writes as she interviews. This is how it is, this what we did about it and here is the outcome. 
Prior to her career at Fox, Megan had to work multiple jobs to pay her way thru college and law school. I am very inspired by her work ethic and determination. She views failure as a part of life and as motivation to be stronger for the next opportunity.
Her book focuses more on her life and work than it does the infamous case with Fox and Roger Ailes. This clearly shows that she was not going to let this experience define who she was. The book focuses on her media relations with Donald Trump who since the book was published, went on to become the President of the United States. 
Megyn Kelly does not shy away from the difficult subjects in her life. She put them out there for viewing in her book. She laid her cards on the table and showed the world who she is. 
For me, it showed me that if you are willing to work hard, give life all you can and not be afraid that you may fail…good things can come your way. A valuable lesson for us all.