Sleepy Jo

When I stumbled on Shelley and her company while on Instagram one evening,  something drew me to stop and look.  Her “about me” page talks of her insomnia (occasional tick for me) and her organisational habits (another tick for me!) so I read on. I found someone who had looked at  universal problems that we can all do with assistance with. The difference being…she did something about it. Read on to find out more about Shelley and how she may be able to help you. 

Sleepy Jo

Shelley Lovegrove

When a young woman has her children, everyone tells you it is the happiest time of your life and to embrace everything that comes with the experience. Shelley embraced it all. The complicated that started her journey and the happiness and positivity that continues to evolve from it. This is where Shelley`s story begins.

So, who is Shelley Lovegrove?

Shelley, with an overarching sense of pride and achievement tells me that not only is she a mother of two but investor and business owner are two more titles that she proudly holds. Shelley is the creator of the “Sleepy Jo Sleep Journal and Planner”. Part of that creative path has been understanding everyone’s journey through life and helping them to achieve their full potential.

Shelley explained “When my first child was born seven years ago, her arrival was 16 weeks premature.” She went on to say “When I had my second child, I found myself on complete bed rest from 19 weeks. While my child was born healthy at 38 weeks, I unfortunately suffered some complications.” Rather than seeing the potential negatives in these complications, Shelley used the experience and turned it on its head. She came out of the experience feeling thankful and with a positive attitude and way forward.

Shelley explained how things progressed. “Due to breastfeeding, my sleeping pattern could not be regulated with medication.” Her doctor had suggested she try using a journal. Shelley agreed to try it and spent time looking for the type of journal she wanted. She found nothing that suited her needs.

Following her research, Sleepy Jo was born. Read on to find out more about this has helped not only Shelley but many more across the country.

What is Sleepy Jo?

I asked Shelley to describe Sleepy Jo and she summed it up perfectly. “Sleepy Jo is a lifestyle brand” she said “created to inspire people to live their best life through our community and use of our planners. Journaling and planning can help to resolve anxiety and assist in a better frame of mind for good sleep and better days.”

What research did you need to do?

When it was suggested she start journaling, Shelley already knew that the journal she wanted was not out there. There was nothing that met her needs, so she started her research.  Shelley discussed how she realised that a journal is not just the pages you write on. It also is the quality of the product.  She also realised that every user might need or want something slightly different so that had to be considered too.

Her research involved how to use, best way to use, what to use when journaling and statistics surrounding success rates of journaling for sleep and organisation etc for anxiety.  Shelley also took her research to that next step. She trialled the journal herself and noted that she was having massive success with her own results.

Once the journal had been fine tuned to her needs and requirements, Shelley then started to examine the look and feel of the journal.

How did you want your journal to look?

Shelley had particular ideas about her journal and was never going to be a person to compromise. “I like to support sustainability and the environment where I can” Shelley explained. However, Shelley had never had anything to do with paper to the level that she now had to consider. The research continued with care taken to examine, detail, weight of the papers used, designs, fonts and styles as well as vegan versus leather.” `The cost of the product ended up higher` she said `but the effort was worth it. `

Benefits for you as creator and user

I asked Shelley what benefits she could see as the user and creator. Had it changed her life? Had it settled her anxiety? Did she have time to do her journal all the time? More importantly, how was her sleep now?

Shelley smiled as she gave me her answers. “While I still have sleepless nights at times, it`s given me a lot” she said. She went on to explain that using her journaling consistently helps her to settle straight to sleep. It`s also reduced her wake ups in the middle of the night. She also said that her anxiety and tiredness, although still there at times, is nowhere near the issue it used to be.

Have you discovered anything else?

I asked Shelley this question as it is an open-ended question. I wanted to know if the journal had given back to her in other ways and boy, has it done that!!!

Shelley discovered that she was able to truly appreciate her values in life and what was important. It was something that she had noted very quickly. She realised she could get up every day, do what she loved, be with who she loved and reignite the passions in her life. Her passion being Sleepy Jo and inspiring others.

Strengths of the journal

Shelley explained how it was so easy to use, the prompts aiding in that ease. It is a simple diary that while minimalist in approach, inspires, encourages and promotes new skills in its users.

My hopes for this time next year.

Shelley has a few hopes and dreams for the coming year. She says “I really hope to have Sleepy Jo products in more stores and accessible to our customers throughout Australia as well as getting Sleepy Jo deeply involved in the community and projects. “She hopes to not only expand her range but to also release other products into the market.

What started out as a solution for her own sleep problem has transformed the lives of not only Shelley but her family and many others. Potentials are being realised. Goals are being set and Sleepy Jo can continue helping others slow down, practise self-care and focus on their unique values so they can live their best life.

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