Mothers Day 2021

Mothers Day this year had a tragic turn for me. I lost my mum in February of this year. As mother and daughter, we shared a bond. Like other  mums/daughters, I am sure we drove each other crazy sometimes , but she was a special woman. Whether it be shopping trips, a quick glass of wine on the way home, a dessert and 2 spoons or whether it simply be a gossip together, there was a special bond. My mum had just turned 21 when I was born so in some ways, we grew up together. She was more than a mum, she was a friend. 

So, when I was asked to assist in the writing of the Mothers Day service speech for Adelaide Cemeteries Authorities that would be delivered by a celebrant friend, how could I say no? It would be a fitting tribute to my mum to not only write the speech but to have a photo of her in the slideshow at the end.

Thank you Mum for our memories and thank you Bec, for the honour of writing this with you. 

Text of the speech being posted soon!