How “Ramblings” was born

August 31 2019 was a day I will never forget. In the Hattersley house “we” became “me”. I lost my soulmate. The other half of me. 

Grief affects everyone in different ways. For some people, they need to let out that grief. I found that I needed to let out that grief but I chose to do it in a different way.  I continued with my creative writing that I had started before his death. Every action, thought and emotion became words on the page. From something as simple as walking into a shop and seeing a T shirt he would have liked to asking him if he wanted a cup of tea….the simplest things were put down in words. I could express how I felt this way. 

This book reflects not only on his illness and our last months together but also childhood memories. Memories of friends coming from the UK. Memories of reading with my brother. Its all there ready for you to read and review. 

Mark was my number one fan. He read everything I put on paper. He allowed me to share and bounce ideas with him. He may not be with me anymore but the memories that I have, do live on. I know he’d be incredibly proud.