You’re not, but you are

You’re not laid beside me, hugging me tight. 

You’re not chatting to me, wishing me a goodnight. 

You`re not laughing with me, at a movie we’ve seen. 

We`re not together at Broncos, watching them get creamed!

You`re not saying I love you or holding me close. 

You`re not telling me all about what you love most. 

You`re not there every day when I need you to be. 

You have gone now and left. There is now only me. 


I wish you were still here. So much to tell you. 

I wish you were still here. My life now is new. 

While I keep on moving, I must, you see. 

Without you, my life isn’t what I want it to be. 

You’ll always be part of the history of me. 

All those years together, sharing all memories. 

You’ll always be close; you wont ever depart. 

You’ll always be right here, in the centre of my heart.