When the darkness comes

When children are young they can be enemies, not knowing right from wrong. That’s how Incanzo and Sycrix started their life. They both belonged to different factions, different camps if you will. They were ten years old and all they had known was in house fighting and war. Being from different camps they hated each other, had no time for each other at all. 
Each day the children meet at school. Despite the different camps, school was central. After all, all children had to be taught the same way despite the beliefs that they had. It was during one of the regular school days that things changed. The days were usually bright but the sky took on an ominous darkness. The population was usually centred around just the children but the population was exploding in numbers. 
Incanzo was the first to notice the change. He looked toward the window noting that there was a mass of people heading in the schools direction. “Sycrix” he said under his breath so as not to get the teachers attention. “Sycrix, window now”. It was then that she turned. So did the rest of the class. The teacher followed their gaze. Panic ensued as everyone started to run in different directions.  No one knew who these people were. Were they coming for the children?
Incanzo reached over and grabbed Sycrix`s hand. “Trust me” he said “and run”. She leant over and reached for him and together they ran for the door. Nothing stood in their way but behind them they heard screaming children interspersed with stern instructions telling the children to “stay” and “wait”.
Incanzo and Sycrix ran towards his faction. Incanzo`s fathers ship was sitting comfortably in the docking bay. The two of them ran aboard with out thinking and strapped theirselves in. “Do you know how to fly this?” Said Sycrix. The response came quickly “Yes I do, dad taught me. Are you ready?” 
The ship hit the atmosphere in what seemed like seconds. As Incanzo steadied the ship a message came through on the scanner from the home base. “May Day May Day , aliens and zombies all over the base. All ships to home base to help with evacuation”. Sycrix looked at Incanzo. Her eyes pleaded for him not to go but she knew he would. He knew people there. And go he did. 
They landed at the base in what was just sheer chaos. They jumped out of their seats and left the ship. They ran around the base dodging the zombies and rescuing friends.  As soon as they could they ran back to the ship. They had to get out of there. They knew it was not safe to stay. 
Little did they know, two zombies were on board having crept on in the chaos. As the ship took off, a whole  new adventure was ahead of them. Was it survival of the fittest? Would they protect each other?