We need to talk

Author - Emily Hunt

Every now and then, a book comes across your radar that deals with a controversial subject. This is one of those books. This deals with sexual violence. 

Whether it be in the movies, or in a newspaper article, the comments that have been said about assault victims are ‘what was she wearing?’ ‘Did she flirt with him?’ ‘She must’ve done something.’

The author tells her story and we hear about  an assault.  What’s worse, is that we are privy to the multiple failings of police, hospitals and courts.

Emily Hunt tells her story. A beautiful dinner with her dad and waking up five hours later in an unknown hotel  room with an unknown man. Failed by the police who considered her unreliable as she called a friend and not the police….Emily has to fight through mountains to ensure that she brings her attacker to justice.

Despite the subject matter, this book is beautifully written. You ache for Emily as you read the failures. You want to be the person going to the police station with her. You want to be her support because you know she needs it. You just feel that you want to envelope her in a huge hug and never let her go. To let her know that someone is there for her. 

Emily fought for many years and was able to tell her story. She was able to help make new police officers understand how to act with rape victims. She was able to make a difference.

This book was beautifully crafted, given the subject matter. The author was diplomatic in her writing, not afraid to place blame, but equally she was not afraid to fight. She knew the mountains she faced and she set to work. Ultimately she has been able to use her experience as a teaching tool.

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Releasing on 2 February 2023. 

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