Things to see & do in QLD

Here we find ourself in the Queensland edition of things to see and do. You’re on holiday with your loved ones and you ask that question “what would you like to do?”  I guarantee you will be met by two things. Either a flurry of answers that you cant keep up with or your family will be staring at you with a glazed look saying “I don’t know?”

So where do you start?


There are many zoos in Queensland but by far, the most famous would have to be Australia Zoo, the late Steve Irwins pride and joy. The Irwin family continue to run the zoo with the passion and drive that Steve had from the very beginning. Nowadays the zoo has an extensive animal range as well as events that go on throughout the year. Bindi and Roberts birthdays are always special occasions. Steve Irwin Day is a special day too. Of course, every trip to the zoo culminates in the lunchtime show at the Crocoseum. Steves pride and joy where the animals he loved are shown to the public in an educational capacity. You will be able to see how crocodiles hunt and grab their prey. You will see what to do if a snake bites you and lots, lots more!

Australia Zoo

You can also visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which is at Fig Tree Pocket on the southern side of Brisbane.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

There is also Sea Life Centre at Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast.   

Sea Life


Where do you even start with museums? It’s back to your family again to find out what they want to see. You can guarantee one will say “art”. One will want “science”. One will want “planes”. One will want “trains”. One is always guaranteed to say “museums are boring!”

The best thing I can do is give you the top 10 in Queensland. If anything, it is a place to start for you.

Museum guides



Brisbane city is a little jewel in the south east corner of Southern Queensland. Known as BrisVegas to some and the river-city to others,  it is home to sport in the guise of the Brisbane Lions (AFL) and the Brisbane Broncos (NRL). It is home to museums, to theatres and to sporting venues. We even have or own BridgeClimb. Sydney harbour Bridge it isn’t, but the Story Bridge is a unique experience.

Visit Brisbane

Granite Belt

If you are looking for something peaceful, a stay in the Granite Belt might just be up your street. The Granite belt houses some of the most beautiful wines that you will taste. Plus there are places to stay that will take you on tours. What could be better?

Granite belt information

Diamondvale – place to stay

Surfers Paradise

In every household, there will be someone that has heard of Surfers Paradise. Whether it was mentioned on a TV show? Whether it was somewhere they wanted to go? Surfers sits here in Queensland. It is everything that you expect. It is a seaside town. There are pubs and clubs. There are cheesy places to go such as Ripleys Believe it or not. There is your typical souvenir shopping. There is fun to be had and the place is full of life.

Places to see

There are numerous hotels to stay in with more seeming to rise up all the time. One of the nicest I have visited there is Q1.

Q! – hotel

In Q1, you have a high rise residential apartment block that is let out to tourists. Depending on how much you spend, depends on how high you go and the type of apartment you can afford of course. Much as I’d love the 4 bedroom penthouse, there is only one of me and I cant afford it!!!

Theme Parks

A car ride from Surfers and you find yourself seeing theme parks beside the highway. These are the ones closest to Surfers:

Theme park info

Other theme parks in Queensland are:

Theme Parks in Queensland


Queensland boasts some of the most beautiful islands off her coast. Apart from Stradbroke Island, Moreton Island and Fraser Island, Queensland offers up the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Each island has its own jewel in her crown as well as offering trips and accomodation.

Queensland islands

Of course there are a million other things to do in and around Queensland. Far North Queensland boasts the tropics, Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef. There is the Fraser Coast and outback Queensland. Queensland is an amazing place for a holiday. I have not even scratched the surface of things to see and do!