The woman

I turned to see the woman

Watching from far away.

I turned to see the woman, 

Wondering how I was in her day. 

I turned to see her coming. 

Walking straight at me. 

I turned to her preparing. 

Wondering what would be. 

She started a conversation. 

Just words, they made no sense. 

She started the conversation.

Just words, they seemed so dense. 

I wasn’t sure what to say back. 

Was she expecting a reply. 

No idea what to say to her.

The woman started to cry.

Noticed that the woman,

Had looks the same as me.

Blonde hair and brilliant green eyes.

The eyes, they were the key.

I followed where they were looking.

I wondered what she could see.

Then in a flash I realised,

The woman, she was me.