The Unwelcome Visitor

Who is the unwelcome visitor? For some of us, it is a debt collector, an ex-partner or maybe someone we have wronged in our past. For Denise Welch, it is the name she gives to the episodes of clinical depression that have been part of her life for the last thirty years.


Denise uses a candid and at times, incredibly humorous style in her writing to show us honesty that is desperately needed for this type of discussion.  This is a discussion that needs to happen more frequently and with less stigma surrounding it. Denise discusses candidly how during her search for the right treatment, she was told such things as “I had several kids and didn’t have time to be depressed”

Every time “the visitor” came to see Denise, she was left exhausted, defeated and traumatized. One of her worst episodes left her unable to speak. Denise writes with such beautiful expression about the way her unwelcome visitor has treated her and the effect that it has had on her life, that it leaves the reader shocked and sympathetic.

Depression is an unchartered course for many. Denise is no stranger to this and has always opened up about her struggles, whether that be through TV, radio or social media. This book has landed at the perfect time. It is certain to help those who are struggling. Those who will read it and realize that they are normal with how they feel, it’s not just them going through it.  The other thing this book does, and it gives no excuses for it, is that it shows how lives, marriages and work can be affected.

Book reviews on Amazon have said ….

“Finally a book accurately describing what so many people are going through. Only people who truly have or have suffered with depression will understand. Brilliant book, thank you Denise”

“As a sufferer of depression and seeing Denise’s depressive episodes on Twitter I have complete admiration for Denise in writing this book and I firmly believe that everyone should read this if you have suffered from depression or know someone that does/has. People’s depression can be different and not everyone will experience the same depression as Denise, I didn’t, but I believe this book is very important.
We are lucky now that as a society we are more ‘on board’ with depression and mental health issues and I wish this book had been written 20 years ago.
This book is not a woman feeling sorry for herself because she is feeling a bit low and has her monthly visitor to contend with. This is a book written about many full-on depressive episodes.
Denise writes very honestly how, and when, her depression affects her and to be honest I don’t know how she has been able to carry on with her career. Many others would have just given up on public life and kept themselves out of the public eye but good on Denise as she has not let her ‘Unwelcome Visitor’ control her life.
She speaks openly about the affect the visitor has on her, the black or grey figure standing cloaked in the corner of the room while she tries to cope with life and I am so glad she has a supportive, loving family who care very deeply for her which comes across in the book. Many people do not have that.”

“I suffer with Bipolar and anxiety as along with my bad mental health. I would recommend this book to all people who live with and those who live with and who are close to people who suffer with anxiety, depression, post-natal depression and seasonally affected disorder. Denise speaks so candidly about how she has fault her battle with depression. I found many parts of this book so reflective, it was as if someone was living my life. I hope people read this book and learn how to be around people who suffer with depression and mental health problems. Go on read it, give it to your friends, family and help support those who are suffering.”

This book is an absolute must if you have been suffering from clinical depression. It will enable you to see you are not alone. You will be able to realise that what you feel, is not abnormal.

If this book can help just one person, it has done good.

I get the feeling it has helped many more.