The Nature Reserve

Let’s go out my Mumma said.

I wasn’t sure where to.

I got in the car like I was asked

Seemed like the journey flew.


Where are we? I asked my mum.

She smiled and said these words.

“Don’t worry now, you’ll like this place.

It’s called a nature reserve.”


I had no clue what those words meant.

What was a reserve?

Mum told me nature can live here in peace.

Let’s go and spot some birds.


I jumped out of our car so quick.

I was so excited.

Mum and I followed the path.

Lots of things were sighted.


I saw a bird, just sitting there.

Right there on the path.

Then I heard the noise it made.

It was a kookaburra laugh.


Further on my mum stopped me

And said “just look right there.”

A lizard crossed my path in front

And gave me a really hard stare.


I could not believe the day I had.

Things I had seen with Mum.

What a day we had today.

I want another one!