The Farm

When the duck came through the hedge,

He could not believe his eyes.

The pig, the cow and donkey

Were trying hard to fly.


“You’re not a bird”, the duck exclaimed.

“You can’t fly like me.”

“You have four legs for the ground,”

“Not two legs and two wings.”


“We want to fly away with you.”

Snorted the little pig.

“We want to leave this farm

And have an adventure, oh so big.”


“We want to fly away with you.”

Mooed the big black cow.

“You don’t have wings” the duck told him,

“So, I really don’t see how.”


“We want to fly away with you”

The donkey turned and brayed.

That really will not ever work.

The duck said “let’s just stay.”


“Live here together on this farm.

We are all friends together.”

They mooed and brayed “we won’t fly away.”

“We`ll stay with you forever.”