September 24th 2021

This week, I found myself in Surfers Paradise with Dad. It was his idea and one I was surprised at, but we booked it and off we went. Now, I have been to Surfers more times than I care to remember. Ive been there with my beautiful Mother in law. Ive been there with my brothers-in law , Ive been there with my cousin and his wife, but most of all there was a group that always went. My late husband, my brother, my sister-in-law and me! 

We used to stay in Q1 (apart from the first time!) and would share a 2 bed apartment. We always went for a good time, which basically involved drinking and eating. This time, things were different. It was my first time to Surfers and Q1 without Mark. 

Well, we booked our apartment and had a 2 bedroomed , large, ocean view. 4 nights, 5 days. It was a beautiful one. We took ourself out every day, whether it be for a drive, walk, food, photography or just a beer! But the bottom line…it was good. 

Home now and settled. As always, no matter how good the place you stay….theres nothing like your own bed!

September 17th 2021

Last night (I slipped in a Travelling Wilburys song title there!!!) , Dad and I took ourselves off to see Rokaria. The ELO experience. We had an amazing time. The seats were second row centre. The musicians were amazing. Of course, the music legendary and to top off the night, we got to meet the lead singer of the band afterwards!

We were also gifted tickets to go again to the show , a little closer to home this time. So we have chosen our show location and in April 2022, we will be ELO-ing all over again! 

Today is a lazy day. I have been what can only be described as binge-watching “Back to the Rafters”. If you have never watched it, it is Mum, Dad, 4 kids and grandad with a variety of situations. See the link below for my review on the original show. 

Packed to the Rafters

I am just starting my follow up piece on Back to the Rafters. Keep an eye on the link below and it will be up soon!

Back to the Rafters

September 10th 2021
Today we hit a high of 26 degrees. Not bad for an Australian spring day. Saying that, I’ve been in shorts for the best part of a week now and maybe, just maybe, we are seeing the warmer weather starting. Summer officially kicks in 1 December but I’ll take it now, if it decides to make an early appearance.
My writing has continued and I completed a piece about the movie “Field of Dreams”. I am working on more writing. A piece on Hervey Bay for the travel blog. A review of Tasman Venture whale watching trip. I am writing a piece on Australia Zoo and then my next travel blog will be The Gold Coast.
Dad and I are heading off to the Gold Coast soon for a few days. It’s not somewhere he has really stayed before so will be a bit different for him. Me? Stayed there several times with Mark, my brother Lee and sister in law Clare. Whenever Lee and Clare came to Australia, surfers was our go-to place for a bit of fun, drinking and time together.
Before the surfers trip, we have a concert to go to. “Rokaria” . What’s Rokaria? I hear you ask. I could say go and google it but I won’t. It’s an ELO tribute band! I am really looking forward to it. Seems like it’s been forever since a good night out like this, so roll on Rokaria I say!

September 5th 2021

Here in Australia we have quietly slid into the first month of spring.  As per usual, it is as if someone flicks a switch and the temperatures jump up a degree or two!  On a more personal note, I have moved into year three. Year three of being a Mrs instead of Mr and Mrs. Those of you that know me well, are only too aware of everything that has happened over the last few years.

For those of you that don’t know me…the short version is – I cared for my husband for several years until his passing, cared for my mum for 2 years until her passing , quit a career I had for 30 years and had some medical issues myself. Of course, add into that, dealing with the emotions and finalities  that come with widowhood and you have quite a turmoil.

This year I have a birthday, a big one. I’m 50. I’m not the party type and hate that kind of thing so have decided to use my birthday in a different way. My husband left me instructions on how I was to continue my life after he had gone. Instructions that I’d not really been ready to think about. But now as I enter that 3rd year without him, it feels right, it’s time.

What better way to honour him and start to get my life together, than to use my 50th birthday as the jumping off block. That’s my plan. A little celebration has been planned at home. I have planned it for my Mums birthday, my way to include a little thought of her. There will be dad, me and a family of four.  That is literally it. We’ll have some food, I’ll get a cake and the kids get the pool! Perfect.

            Dad and I have just returned from a short trip to Hervey Bay. Stayed in a cabin and had everything we needed. Took my 2nd whale watching trip. My first (way back in 2005)was not successful. Sea sickness within 30mins of leaving on a 6 hour trip. This one…..took every precaution possible and managed well. It was only a 4hour trip but was windy and a little rocky nonetheless. Still, I managed and had a great time.