September 2020



September 25th 2020

It has been a busy week for me this week with a few exciting things happening. The release date of my book came at the end of last week and was quickly followed up by the release of the title of my Childrens book. Nothing like teasing one bit at a time!!! So, “My Adventures with Bruce” will be out soon. I am so proud of both of my books. 

I managed to get an interview this week with Erika Eleniak, of Baywatch and Under Siege fame so that is now sitting online and live ready to view. I managed to secure a virtual interview with Araminta Hall, English author whose book Imperfect Women was recently released. The rights have been sold to Love and Squalor pictures in the USA and are being looked at for film or TV Having read the book (and it is a must read!) I can’t wait.

My last belongings have moved to storage today so my old house is feeling less and less like mine now. The last of the rubbish has gone and well, that’s it now until October 8 when it gets handed over to the rental agent.

Life changes. It changed very quickly and in dramatic ways sometimes. 

September 19th 2020

Where do I even start for this entry?? Exciting news dropped into my email last night. The release date for my book has been set at October 30. If I said I was excited, it would be a little bit of an understatement.  Hard work, blood, sweat and probably a few tears too went into this so I am hoping that you all like it. If I was to describe it, Id say there is definitely some raw emotion in there but there are some others too. 

I have also been working on another book. I had the potential for two books but one just isn’t coming together as I’d have hoped so both projects are going to be combined to make something special. 


For the next little while, I am reading books that are stacking up on my kindle and catching up with friends. Whether those catch ups be email, phone or face to face…..just reconnecting with the world. 

September 7th 2020

The most exciting thing this week for me has been changing a bed. Sounds fun right? Well, when you’re in a house with someone bed-bound who can’t change a bed and someone who hates changing a bed, you find yourself in a minority. I suppose the one saving grace for me now is that I don’t have a super king size quilt anymore. Lets face it, Im 5ft 3″ and my arms don’t reach! I can’t help that!

So here in this house, I have a routine.

First week of the month is my bed. Second week is dads and third week is Mums hospital bed. If I am lucky blue care will do mums bed.

Hang on though readers….just when I thought that a bed change was the peak of excitement, in comes an an email from someone I had messaged through Instagram.

I’d written something along the lines of “Im a new writer and looking to move into getting experience with interviews. Would you help a new writer?” I explained my background, sent my website link and sat back.

The following day , I got a reply.  Actress Erika Eleniak has agreed to a virtual Interview!!!!! Baywatch Star. Star of Under Siege with Steven Seagal and more….she’s talking to me.

Is this the first of many?? Who knows?

September 1st 2020

With time differences between UK and Australia, the anniversary of my husbands death will always run over 2 days. For everyone in the UK it will always be 30 August. For me, 31 August.  Having 2 days just makes it a little harder.

They say in death and grief,  that you find out who your true friends are. This has been very true in my case. There will of course be those that were more his friend than mine. There will be those that cant handle the situation. There will be those that are unsure how I will react if they talk about him. But there are always true friends. There is a saying that “friends come and go like the tide but the true ones will stick like an octopus to your face”.

For my first entry in September, let me say this….

To my “octopus friends” – thank you for remaining by my side. Whether it be by email or phone or a visit or a breakfast out at one of my favourite spots. . To those same friends, know that I love to share memories of my husband so never be afraid to talk about him.