I’m going to take you back in time…..I’d say about 10 years to a time without quarantine and when my gorgeous auntie Sally was here to laugh with. We were incredibly close. She was 9 when I was born so we grew up together in some ways. We knew things about each other that I’m sure our parents never did!!!

Every year we would have a competition to see who read the most. We’d compare notes and  recommend authors throughout the year as well as the odd “don’t even think about this book!”

My aunts argument was that she could never grasp how I read so much while I full time worked and cared for a husband. She herself had 3 boys and my uncle to care for. Needless to say, every year she seemed to win.

With my new career as a writer starting to bloom, I started reading more. Well, pretty much anything I could get my hands on. My theory being that I enjoyed the books but at the same time could see differing writing styles and practises. 

With all of that in mind here is “2020 what I’ve read so far” list:

  1. Postscript – Cecelia Ahern
  2. Hell and other destinations – Madeline Albright
  3. Homework – Julie Andrews
  4. The heart goes last – Margaret Atwood
  5. The handmaids tale – Margaret Atwood
  6. The testaments – Margaret Atwood
  7. Jaws – Peter Benchley
  8. Battling the blues – Darius Boyd
  9. A company of heroes – Marcus Bretherton
  10. Ballad of songbirds and snakes – Suzanne Collins
  11. I love the bones of you – Christopher Eccleston
  12. Next to you – Gloria Hunniford
  13. She said – Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor.
  14. Settle for more – Megan Kelly
  15. The green mile – Stephen king
  16. Midnight sun – Stephanie Meyer
  17. Seven letters – Sinead Moriarty
  18. Cilkas journey – Heather Morris.
  19. The tattooist of Auschwitz- Heather Morris
  20. Sorry not sorry – Naya Rivera
  21. Finding freedom – Omid Scobie & Carolyn Durand.  
  22. And we all fall down – Ben Shapiro.
  23. Elisabeth Sladen – Elisabeth Sladen
  24. It’s ok to laugh – Nora McInerny

There is a bit of everything in here as you’ll see. I read biographies & autobiographies of actors and actresses.  I read books from authors that are what I would call, easy reads, such as Cecelia Ahern. I’ve read books about dystopian societies.  I’ve read books about rugby and I’ve read books by historians. Those who know me might raise an eyebrow regarding historians but I have a deep interest in Easy Company 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. I’ve read many books on this incredible team of men. 
My  latest read is by Nora McInerny. This grabbed me as her journey with grief and losing her husband was similar to my own. 

Remember that reading gives you escape. It takes you somewhere you may never have dreamt of.  Reading allows learning. Most of all, reading allows you to stop and focus on one thing. 

Find a book you love or a particular genre and start your list. 

Make two lists…..what you read and what you would like to read?

Have your own reading competition with a friend……

The possibilities are limitless.

The fun you’ll have will be endless.