Ramblings book blog

April 2021

It seems to be flying by. Time that is! ‘Ramblings’ has been out in the world for 6 months now. I know I have sold in the US, the UK and Australia. I know my friends says that makes me a world renowned author!!!

Since my last blog, I have designed and built a Facebook page dedicated to the book. Please check it out in the link. It’s in its infancy right now but will be a work in progress.

Ramblings Facebook page

March 2021

March sees Ramblings enter its 5th month of sale. In some ways, it feels that it has been out in the world for years but in others,it feels like days! Doesn’t help that I am not a patient woman I suppose!!!

Ramblings was written raw on grief and high on memories. There’s the perfect description of it right there, my friends.  When you lose someone, especially a spouse, the grief is unprecedented. Since this grief, I have been thrown into the grief of losing a parent (3 weeks ago).

I look at this collection of poems and am immensely proud. I have to be patient to see how its selling but I guess anyone who has a book will tell you that they compulsively check amazon sales rankings!! I do too!

I am also incredibly proud of how my work is developing,both as a poet and as a storyteller. I look at Ramblings and look at work now and can see developments in style as well as differing content.

February 2021

Welcome to the second month of the year already.  It seems to me that Ramblings has been on sale for so long, I have to remind myself that February is only month four of sales. Early days in a books lifetime. 

I remain incredibly proud of this book. Written in a time of sadness and grief but punctuated with happy memories to lighten the load, so to speak. The poems in the book all flowed naturally.

I have had many questions about the book and continue to receive excellent reviews. Its all about being patient now and letting sales and reviews work their magic.


January 2021

We head slowly into 2021 and month three of “Ramblings” being for sale. For me, as an author, it feels like it has been out there for ever! I often have to remind myself of how little time it has had to be seen.  My Amazon Author page is up and running. I have a bio in place and have managed to secure the bio in 5 languages including English.  I have uploaded some photos now from the book and the book reviews are all there to see too. 

Its  all about patience and promotion. Press releases have been sent to varying magazines. Due to covid, libraries and schools are not doing readings so social media has been my weapon of choice. Each month I am doing something different. January was my press releases and getting myself out on GoodReads. February will be a Q and A. 

Thats the plan so far! Onwards and upwards!

December 2020

The book remains online and I anxiously await to hear how its been selling. I know some have sold, all be it to family and friends but a little part of me has everything crossed that others have loved it too. The book reviews that have been returned are positive. People see the book as raw and emotional. In some ways the book is exactly that but it was always incredibly therapeutic to write. When you are left as a widow/er, no matter how many family and friends you have around you, intrinsically, you’re alone. Nothing will ever or can ever change that. You were a double act with your partner and you are now party of one.  Anyway, I digress!! 

Fingers crossed for a great royalty cheque and may I wish all of my subscribers and supporters a very Merry Christmas. 

November 2020

In the 2 weeks since “Ramblings” hit the bookshelves, it has been the strangest time. Pre Covid, there would have been a formal book launch. There would have been readings at book shops or libraries. Covid19 meant a rethink. 

So, how do you go about trying to get noticed? Trying to get people to look and listen? In this day and age, the solution is social media. Everyone in the world has a social media account somewhere. Thats what I have been doing. 

I set up my social media to reflect my writing. Twitter is linked solely to my writing. Facebook is personal but I do have a Facebook author page that I am slowly building. Instagram is a happy mix of both and I am now registered on Goodreads and Amazon as the author of Ramblings of a Forty Something Widow. 

My friends and family have supported me unconditionally throughout. Some of my closest friends were gifted a signed copy with a personal message. Many of my friends and family members have gone out there to purchase it. Thank you to you all.