October 2022

“For me, a day without writing, is like a barista without coffee” 

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October 21st 2022

The last few months of this year are going to be hospital based for me. With everything that has happened since January of this year, it just goes to show that you never know whats going to hit you. 

My surgeons appointment is on November 3rd. Following that appointment, I will know how long I have to wait for the operation. 

Once I have my date for surgery, its all systems go. Cowdens puts you at risk of higher risks of bowel, endometrial, kidney, breast and thyroid cancers. I have had endometrial cancer,  so that risk is gone. Thyroid is next being dealt with.  Until the thyroid is out, we don`t know whether it is anything nasty. 

Then for course, it’s time for colonoscopy three in December. Talk about a wonderful Christmas/birthday present!

October 1st 2022

This month begins with me, having my surgeons referral for my upcoming operation. I am  category 2, which puts me at semi-urgent. I have been told which hospitals I may be sent to. The furthest is Gympie , which is about about an hour from home. Still, much as I am not looking forward to it, it has to be done. 

One of the lesser issues that Cowdens gives me are these “lumps and bumps”. Benign in nature, they are a common feature. For me, they’re common on my feet (as seen), my hands, fingers, arms and a few other places. 

The other joy of this syndrome I have to look forward to is my 3rd colonoscopy in December. I feel like a colonoscopy veteran. When people hear, three in a year, their faces look at me with sympathy! 

Let me share with you though, it is absolutely nothing to worry about. The prep is uncomfortable, you can’t get away from that, but my tip….see what flavours they have. It makes a massive difference.  

On my first one I had lemon prep, which I wasn’t keen on. Never did like lemon juice much. My second one was like drinking orange cordial. So much easier to drink and surprisingly, I didn’t feel bloated from it either. So, there you go .  Lesson learned!