October 2022 Blog

“A day without writing is like a barista without coffee.”

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Friday October 28th 2022

My final October blog post. Another month bites the dust, as does another book. I have always been a fast reader but this month, I have ploughed through one a week, literally.  

This week, was the turn of this delightful memoir of Richard E. Grant. The book is divine reading, beautiful, heartbreaking raw and brutal in places. He discusses his wife’s diagnosis and treatment path until her passing just short of their 35th wedding.

A Pocketful of Happiness Review 

Today has been a chores day. Beds, washing and food shopping. A girls gotta do these things! 

Today, is also apple update day on devices. Putting all my new pages in the website ready and making plans for it. Next month, I shall be sharing a link for a new website and business that I have been involved in. It’s been in the pipeline for some time and goes live  on 31 October. I am very proud to be part of the team. More on that next blog. 

Thats all for now!  Happy Halloween!

October 21st 2022

We weren’t at home this week! Dad and I disappeared off and drove to an area that I love (as did Mark) called ‘The Granite Belt’. The photos in this compilation are the place we stayed called “The Opera House” at Whisky Gully Wines. More about the trip in the upcoming travel blog. My notes are made, I just have to pull it into some semblance of a readable blog! 

Last weeks issues with one of my social media accounts seems now have been rectified. My account is now a private one, and all followers are approved by me. 

My writing continues and while I was away, a few more ideas came to light. My opening paragraphs for my review of The Handmaids Tale Series 5, came to me. A poem about the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment and their legacy came too. Thats just dropped by the way. Here is that link.  Just over twenty years…

So, this weekend is a travel blog to write, a book review and continue my next 506 Character piece. I have been blessed with quotes from respected authors and the actor regarding this man. I am hoping to also get interviews soon. Two people said yes, one said maybe, and one that I would dearly love to honour….I dont know how that one will go. I can cross my fingers and hope for that one. 

The rain continues in Australia, so its writing and a good book for today….

October 14th 2022

Well, when you wake to news that hackers have struck on one of your social media accounts, it really makes your day. The little ****ers! Was this the way my day was going to go?

The day started with breakfast out at The Little Fig Cafe up in Buderim Village. I mean, what is a girl and her dad to do when there is no bread in the house for toast?Thoroughly enjoyable brekky and followed by coffee and food shopping. 

This week has seen lots of writing done. A big piece unpacking The Handmaids Tale Series 4, about 2750  words in the end there I think.  Research is done for my next 2 character pieces on Band of Brothers and I also have my first character piece planned out regarding Handmaids. 

The trouble with being a freelance writer is that you end up with so many ideas. I write them all down and as I complete one, I tick it off. Sounds simple right? Oh, not so simple. I keep writing but the list gets longer….and longer….and longer. 

I`m also still ploughing through Alan Rickman’s Diaries. when I say ploughing, I dont mean that its hard going or bad in any way, I am just taking my time. After I have finished that, I have Jodi Picoults latest queued up.

In October there will be a new Travel Blog coming your way. Dad and I are checking out Stanthorpe. Mark and I ventured there once (and drank quite a lot) so now I am going with Dad. This time, going with a photographers eye!! 

October 6th 2022

“Lets watch a film” said Dad. “Ok, I said” as I walked to the media room. Of course, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t grinning from ear to ear. He’d chosen my favourite film. Everyone that knows me is now raising their eyes thinking ‘go on , Top Gun or A Few Good Men?’ If I said “you can’t handle the truth”, that should be all you need to know. 

I love this movie. I can’t deny that. It was made in 1992, and was also a stage show prior to that. Mark had first seen it on stage and “suggested” I watched the movie. The rest is history as they say. 

This week has been a busy writing week. An interview landed a few days earlier than planned (Thank you Peter Youngblood Hills – Shifty in Band off Brothers.) I have also finished the second of two articles and just posted those too. 

Other than that, life continues on as normal. Writing , reading, and all the other odds and ends that come with it. I have now added a donate button to my website. All donations will go towards the financial upkeep of the website. Keeping the domain name, paying for the webspace and so on. Every little helps as they say. 

I am wondering whether to start another book. I have a few ideas. Two childrens book ideas. I have enough poetry for another book, but without the talent off someone like Margaret Atwood, it would be a tough sell. I also have one with a working title of  “Life and Funny Stories”. This one has stories from not only me, but my late aunt Sally. Her talent for story telling was superlative. She would tell things as straight as they come! I have been working on this one for some time, so this may be my way forward. 

Let me think…..

October 1st 2022

My overseas friends and family will be thinking that I have gone mad  when they see the word October, and the tulips together. October here in ‘the land down under’ is the second month of Spring. 

The tenth month of the year is upon us and we are exactly twelve weeks away from Christmas tomorrow. 12 weeks until I’m 51. 12 weeks until turkey lunch for two, an afternoon movie or two and no doubt a few drinks. But let’s not worry about that yet….

The most exciting thing to tell you is that the next trip is booked. We are heading to Stanthorpe, in The Granite Belt. I have been before but Dad hasn’t. Mark and I visited for our anniversary back in 2011. Mark and I stayed at Diamondvale Cottages  but this time Dad and I will be staying somewhere different. There will be more on that when we get back from the trip.

This week coming, sees a new book land on my Ipad. I know you’re all thinking ‘Which Band of Brothers/World War II related book is it  this time?’ 

Well, surprise! It’s called “Madly, Deeply: The Diaries of Alan Rickman”. I heard about this one last year and wanted it so pre-ordered it as soon as I could. Rumour has it, there is some salacious gossip in there. What he thought of his co-stars? How he felt about a certain soundtrack to a certain movie? Of course, I will do a complete review on completion. 

I wonder what he will have to say about his time as ‘Hans Gruber’ on Die Hard. (And before you shout at the screen…Die Hard  IS a Christmas film!!!

The rest of my week is writing! Well, writing and reading, once I get the book delivered! All my other chores have been done. Beds done. Food shopping done. Beer shopping done.  Emails done. Have a great week!