October 2021

October 22nd 2021

This week has been a trip planning week. The next trip Dad and I are doing is a ‘bucket list’ trip for me. Ive ticked a few things off my bucket list over the years. I have been to Uluru, Sydney, climbed the Harbour Bridge and toured the opera house, but this was something else. 

Touring the sunflower fields stems back to Mark. It was always something we were going to do, but due to his illness, never did. He bought me sunflowers every week. Now Im going to stand among them.

We have somewhere to stay and I have located a route that takes in many potential sunflower sites. There are lots of sites on-line and by googling sunflower farms, I found all I needed! This trip is something special , I cannot wait for this. 

The rest of this week I have been doing some custom writing for a friend who asked for my help with speeches for a wedding. That was something new for me and something I loved to be part of. Ive also been reading a lot.  

I do the “Goodreads Reading Challenge” every year. This year I am aiming for 70 books. Some of them are re-reads and some are short books….I know, 70 sounds a lot right? Well, Im sitting pretty around 58 and have recently finished two sublime books. 

I highly recommend Stanley Tucci Book Review

I also recommend Julianna Marguiles – Sunshine Girl: An Unexpected Life – review to come!

More next week, keep an eye on latest news. 

October 16th 2021

So, this week I have been on a reading frenzy. Ok, if I am honest, it is a bit of a book buying frenzy too. 

When I see books from my favourite authors I tend to pre-order. But with Christmas rapidly approaching, we end up in. the season of biographies. 

This is where I have been this week, reading and buy books. The bonus of buying books on kindle is when pre-ordering, they can be slightly cheaper. Big tick for someone whose husband was a northerner! (If you know, you know!) So what have I read and purchased? Well, I have discovered Heather Morris`s work.  Heather has written a trilogy of true stories surrounding the second world war and those interred in the camps. These stories have been interlinked and are just stunning to read, despite the harsh subject matter. 

Biographies….I have just finished Stanley Tucci`s memoir Stanleys book  which was an amazing piece of work. I am now reading Julianna Marguiles book “Sunshine girl” and am following that with “Windswept and Interesting” by Billy Connolly, Hayley Mills book and Lisa Wilkinsons new book. Im quite eclectic in taste and will take on most subject matter. It is saying something though, when my “to-read” list its getting bigger than my library of books!!!

This next week sees me continually writing for the website. There has been discussion this week about whether instead of trying to publish my next lot of poetry, I put it on YouTube. Something to think about I suppose. 

I finished the Willow Speers article which is up on the interview section.  The main menus of the site have been changed slightly to accommodate how the site is moving forwards. As ever, thank you for your continued support!!

October 8th 2021

Well, this week it has all been happening! I completed one interview and secured three more. My three “to do” interviews are: Chris Langlois (the grandson of Eugene Roe – medic company from 506th – Band of Brothers). The second is Miss Willow Speers, a delightful young lady who has joined the cast of Back to the Rafters as Ruby Rafter. The third….the music legend that is Mr rick Wakeman. Well, my theory is, if you don’t ask…..I asked and they said yes. 

Unfortunately this week I missed the second wedding that I would have attended since Covid, lockdowns and travel bans began. My cousin got married and the pair of them looked stunning, as of course did his brother when he got married in August!

So what’s coming for me this week? Possibly some reading. My kindle books are piling up and Im currently reading ‘Three Sisters’ by Heather Morris. Thinking out loud….maybe I`ll put my reading list up here on the site too. One list per year with some “star” recommendations….???


October 2nd 2021

So we’re now in October and Christmas is edging ever closer.  Over the last week and a bit, I have been out and about. 

Yesterday, Dad and I checked the weather and thought that we may have been up for some storm chasing….but no.  It ended up 26 degrees and sunny until….

we were on our way home and the sky changed.  We hotfooted it across to Mountain View Road in Maleny and made it to ‘One Tree Hill’. The storm clouds were rolling in so out came the cameras. 

I keep thinking of my 50th too. My celebration is planned and it is small. Perfect for me. Seems very strange to be thinking of it without Mark and Mum. Dad and I have made our plans and will be just the 2 of us on Christmas Day. We’re planning a full Christmas dinner. 

But before Christmas, more writing. My Hervey Bay travel blog has been started. I have several article ideas under my belt but have secured an unbelievable interview that is coming in 2022. A legendary musician!!! Im very excited about that one. Especially as I have seen this person live too!!

Onwards and upwards!!!