October 2020

26th October 2020

It is Monday and in a few days’ time my book is officially out there. It’s very nerve-wracking to think that it will be out there for people to talk about, review and post on media about. So, for my last post in October, I am going to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for their support, not only in getting me to this point with this book, but also with managing my life since Mark. I could not have done it without any of you.

October 20th 2020

It has been a week to the day since my books arrived. There is a few things happening for me this last week or two in October. I have a tenant moving into my house. Its been a long time coming but I made it. I got there and if I am honest, it was no mean feat clearing a house on my own. 

In 10 days time my first publication goes live. It has been out for pre-order since 9 October and many people have let me know that they have ordered it. 

Its now that the next chapter begins…..

Publication one is completed and out for purchase. 

Publication two….at the publishers as we speak.

Publication three is complete. It is sitting in a drawer. The reason? I find that I need to put them down and walk away for a while. I can then come back with fresh eyes and maybe see things I didn’t spot before. 

Publication four – has commenced. This is a follow on book from the upcoming children`s book that will be out soon. It has commenced if you count title pages and acknowledgements. The idea is in place. I have sourced the information I need in order to ensure that my story has clarity, consistency and honesty. Now its all about getting started. 

October 13th 2020

So, guess what happened yesterday dear readers???

A box arrived on my doorstep. “What box?” I hear you all asking!! The box contained something special. Books. My complimentary author copies, postcards, bookmarks, posters and order forms. To see the finality of it, holding the book in my hand was exciting.

The first copy went straight to the hands of my mum. Many of you know that my mum has a life limiting illness and she was concerned that she wouldn’t see this in completion. Well, she made it and the first one was hers. 

There is a certain contrast in that a new chapter started last night with the books, while today is one year since I farewelled my husband and soulmate. I would have much rather the book been “Ramblings of a forty something woman” and still have had him here. I do know that he loved my writing. He read everything I ever did. He was the first to give me ideas although he always claimed he was not creative!

One year since a farewell but hello to a new chapter. 

October 7th 2020

Almost a week on from the last post, and look what happened! The cover for my children’s book has been released! I had very special inspiration for this book and he was one of the first to see the cover!

Coupled with this release, I am now working towards the publication date of my poetry book “Ramblings”.

Add into that, the handover of my old house tomorrow for rental (tenant already secured), my State of Origin ticket in my hands , Mums 70th coming up and Christmas approaching way too fast…..its all happening.

When I go to State of Origin, it will be bittersweet moment. Mark and I always went together but I will go wearing this shirt!! He loved this Qld shirt that my brother gave him and lived in it….I`ll take that part of him with me  

October 1st 2020

Quick question for all my readers.
How did we end up in October already? For a year that seems to have dragged due to lockdowns and covid, it’s now moving remarkably fast towards Christmas. 

 I was thinking today and reflected on my move to live with my parents. 36 weeks ago today I moved back. 9 months back with parents and all going well.

have recently been gifted the title of my children’s book which you’ll find on the home page.  I also have 29 days (nope, not counting!) until release date for “Ramblings of a forty something widow”. It’s a scary thought but an exciting one too.

Life is certainly moving fast! I have been doing more interviews too. My interview with UK author Araminta Hall is now live on the interview page! Onwards and upwards for Madhatterpress.