November 2022 Blog

November 25 2022

The last week in November. One more week until we’re in December and the round of Christmas parties, catching up with friends that you may not have seen all year, putting up the Christmas tree, and sending out cards begins. I was thinking today about cards. I used to love seeing cards drop through the mail box. Someone taking a few minutes of their day for you, to think of you in that way. Now it’s all internet. A quick message on Facebook. A text. An Instagram message. When did life change, that the ‘personal’ disappeared from the world?

So, what are my Christmas plans this year? They are different to the last few years. 2019 was awful, it was never going to be a good one – the first one without Mark. 2020 – Mum was sick so Christmas was strange then too. 2021 – that was my 50th and while we had a lovely day, Mum and Mark missing from that celebration added a tinge of sadness.  2022 – the tree is up (yes I know, already!), the turkey is bought. The ingredients are here to make mince pies (Barry Beckham specials), I have a catch up with friends in  Brisbane in December for my birthday and Dads Camera Club has their Christmas do, which the two of us will go to.

Dad laughs at me with my tree. He knows I’m sentimental. I like what I do to mean something, even my tree. Every ornament has a meaning. ‘Carol’ and my ‘’mum/daughter’ ones are self explanatory. I have the ‘Bah Humbug’ from Sally. A jar of Vegemite – me. A six pack of beer – Lee. Red buses – Mark and Dad. An old bi-plane – this was the first ornament we ever bought, and Marks favourite. I have ‘joy’ on my tree – my nans name. My tardis – what can I say? I’ve loved Dr Who since I was 3! Sentimental maybe. I call it “meaning”

Being a Christmas Day baby adds another element to the day. I will turn 51 this year. I love my 50s. I’m proud of my 50s. I despised my 40s. I’m not really sure why. My 40th birthday ended up being a party at home that I was cajoled into. I didn’t enjoy that night. Parties aren’t me (anyone reading this is going to laugh at that, knowing that’s a part of my dad in me!). My 50th was a small ‘get together’ at home on Mums birthday under my control, no one else telling me what I should do. My 51st…will be celebrating with friends in Brisbane and Christmas Day itself, will be dad and me. Two for dinner, turkey cooked on the BBQ, and mince pies! That’s the plan…..

November 18th 2022

One thing that I didn’t mention last week, was Remembrance Day. My late husband was part of this, The Prince Of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire. 1PWO. He loved his army life, and always said these were the best years he ever had. He didn’t always tell his parents where he was, as he knew they would worry. It took a long time before they found out that he had been in Northern Ireland, Berlin, and also part of The Falklands Battle too. 

His army days and friends were great memories for him and I am immensely proud to know the memories he shared, and the friends I got to talk to, after his death. 

Secrets on the Lake Restaurant
View from the table

This week has seen breakfast out somewhere new too. Well, not entirely new. A few years back, when Mark and Mum were still with us, we would occasionally come to Secrets on the Lake, Montville. I distinctly remember some long lunches, plenty of wine and some great laughs. When I found out they did breakfast, we decided to try it out. We will definitely be back! It was very nice! 

This week has also seen a new trip booked. In December, there will be a new travel blog for you to read. 

December is rapidly approaching…ok it’s twelve days away! The turkey is bought. Thats in the freezer. Everything is in the house to make mince pies (Dads idea!). We dont buy Christmas presents anymore, we haven’t for some years. I have my plans in place to head down to Brisbane to celebrate my birthday with a few friends. It’s all coming together nicely. 

When I decorate my tree, every ornament has a meaning. I have a Bah Humbug, that was sent by Sally. A double decker bus (Mark). Tardis – well, I love Dr Who. I have some ‘mother/daughter’ ones.  An old Bi-plane ornament that was Marks favourite. Mark and I always had traditions for ornaments, putting dates on them for each year we lived in Australia, things like that.

Time to make new traditions now. So this year, 3 new ornaments will grace my tree! You know when you see something and you can’t resist it……

Beer for my brother. Shapes for my Dad & Vegemite for me.

November 11th 2022

This week, I finished my latest read. Matthew Perry (in my opinion) courageously shared his life in “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing.”  

I really didn’t know what to expect. Of course, his addiction issues have been well documented over the years in the media, but I like to hear what actually happened from the person themselves. 

What did I think? A review will be done in time, but part of me just wanted to give him a hug. Sounds sad I know, but I felt that he had so many people around him to support him if he just uttered one word…help. 

More of that in my review. 

In other news this week….

Celebrant Rebecca Wilson has commenced an online business. It is a directory of everything needed when planning a funeral. This is the first of its kind in Australia. When you are planning a funeral it can be overwhelming to have to trail through all the information to find celebrants, florists, coffins and everything else you need. This website will have listings for everything! 

It has a wonderful team of four women, headed by the founder and owner Rebecca. They have asked me to write three articles every month to go up on the site. The articles will vary from widowhood, books that may benefit a widow to read, how to deal with the dreaded ‘firsts’ after a spousal loss, and more. 

I have been assisting Rebecca with some writing since 2020, and finally this year, we got to meet! She lives in South Australia. We are planning a 2023 meet too! So, my writing continues to be published!!  I am very excited about this new venture and so proud and privileged to be a part of it. 

November 3rd 2022

Ok, I am even giggling as I type this. Hands up if you guessed. that I would get this movie on Blu-Ray? Bit of a no-brainer for me right? haha! I suppose there will be someone out there that will tell me “its been out a day…..what kept you?”

The big question now  is whether we have a Thursday night movie night or wait a bit longer…..say….Friday?

This last week, well, it’s been a bit of everything really. Saving all my work completed October to the external hard drive. Can’t have enough back ups! Household chores, well, bed changes mainly. A new book landed on my iPad two days ago.  I am reading Matthew Perry`s autobiography and it is incredibly interesting reading. The life he had as a child v his adult life and all the issues in between. I will be reviewing that when done. 

Today was a hospital day, so check out the link Cowdens Journey – November 2022 . Catch up on what happened. 

The other major news, there has been a little delay on, so I will share that, with the link for it, next week! Now you are all wondering aren’t you!!! Wait and see!