November 2022

November 15th 2022

I have my letter now for surgery, confirming the 60-90 days but I have started having a few side effects of thyroid nodes. The tickly throat has hit, as well as a chronic cough. I just want this thing done now! Its annoying me!

November 3rd 2022

Well, today was my general surgeon appointment day. I was not looking forward to it at all. When I had seen the endocrinologist, they had put the fear of god into me surrounding what needed to be done. (Anyone that knows me, knows it takes a lot to bother me!)

But today, I left the surgical clinic feeling a little more relaxed. Thanks to Dr Michael!

I am, sometime within the next 60-90 days (hopefully) , going to be having a hemi-thyroidectomy. Half of my thyroid is going to be removed.  The bonuses of that….I won’t need thyroxine for the rest of my life, unless blood tests tell me otherwise. I hopefully will avoid the side effects that can come from no thyroid and the need for thyroxine. 

It’s going to be an overnight stay with soreness, bruising and a quieter voice for a while. Hopefully nothing nasty is lurking there.  What’s taken out will be tested anyway. They’ve explained everything. Given me the information. Signed consents. Now….we wait!