November 2020

November 30th

Here we are on my last November entry. This week has been a reading week primarily. I seem to have a “virtual” stack of books growing on the kindle app on my iPad and figured that I should get stuck in to reading some. 
Here’s my question though. Why is it when you have a heap (and I mean a heap) already to read, that you find more???

Recently I have read Cameron Smiths autobiography.  I’ve read Michael J. Fox’s autobiography. I’ve read Philip Schofields autobiography and Matthew McConagheys recent book  Greenlights. 

Now at the end of this month, ideas are creeping into my brain. Article ideas…..I have a list!!! I have a new company to review  and a couple of book reviews to do.  I am sure that will keep me busy!

November 21st 

Lady Luck has been on my side since I last posted. I had purchased a ticket earlier this year for the Queensland v New South Wales State of Origin Rugby League match. Its a tournament played yearly and is best of three matches. One of them every year is played at my teams home ground, so I bought a ticket.

Then Covid hit! Everything was cancelled and we had no idea whether the game would even take place. I had completely forgotten I had entered a competition as well.Prize…..2 Origin tickets. Well, I was one of the winners.

Now I had 2 free tickets and one I had paid for. After racking my brains for 5 seconds, I knew what to do. I have a friend who is as passionate about league as I am so I called her.  I gifted her the freebie and asked if her daughter wanted to come too with my other ticket.

Last wednesday was a great girls night out. it had started with dinner with my cousin. We had been chatting for so long that we didnt realise the time. We were still sitting at dinner when I was supposed to be meeting the girls so off we went.

I met the girls and we had a blast. Of course it helped when Queensland won the game!!  I left there hands sore from clapping, throat sore from yelling and head aching from the non stop roar of “QUEENSLANDER!”

I had a drive to get home. Suncorp to the Sunshine Coast in theory should be easy. Inner city bypass, Gympie road, Bruce highway…especially at 10pm at night.  But….


Over here in Australia, roadworks happen at night so there is minimal disruption to the roads. Great idea until you add in 40 odd thousand fans all wanting to get home! The journey took me twice the usual time but I was entertained. I had my music but there was something better.

A long queue of cars all waving Queensland flags and singing the victory song together! Thats the way we roll here in Queensland!

November 16th

How can we possibly be just five and a bit weeks away from Christmas? 2020 seems like it has been the longest year, thanks to the pandemic and now it seems like its over! 

Washing our hands and hand sanitiser are still the order of the day and lockdowns continue sporadically over different countries

While in Australia, Queensland is , as the Premier reminds us, “Good to Go”, there are other areas that still are having issues. Just this morning Adelaide broke the news of an outbreak. Just as promptly our Premier shut the borders to Adelaide. 

While borders are being closed to some areas, the great news for Queensland is that sporting arenas are now at 100% capacity!!! Just in time for State of Origin Three- the decider on Wednesday at Suncorp Stadium. Anyone that knows me, knows that a ticket has been in my hot little hands for some time. Lo and behold, I then won two tickets in a competition I had forgotten I had entered! So Wednesday night is a girls night out….three of us! I am looking forward to this. 

Now all Queensland has to do is win!

November 9th 

A week into November already. This coming Friday will be 6 weeks until Christmas. I don’t know about you but Christmas has lost its charm for me now. Since losing mark, it’s a quieter time. He had his own traditions. He always made me stay up til midnight to open a present and get calls from overseas. He always made me feel special. 

Now’s the time I have to start new traditions. Making it all about my birthday.

What plans do I have for my birthday this year? Should I do something with friends? Should I do something with family? This I haven’t decided. Before that, there are other things in the offing.

November 18, I am heading off to State of Origin Game 3 at Suncorp stadium, the old Lang Park. I cannot wait if I am honest. I love my rugby and have a Queensland shirt ready to go. Best of three, Queensland v New South Wales and Qld are 1-0 up right now.  That will be a long day, what with the drive there and back to the coast but it will be worth it.

I also have my continued work on book 3. I can’t even give you a title as that is a work in progress. The titles changed several times. What I can tell you is, it is sitting pretty at over 100 pages and almost 28000 words.

November 2nd 2020

Here we are, finding ourselves in the first few days of November which  also starts us on the move towards Christmas. Halloween and Christmas decorations are sharing the shelves. Unfortunately, as soon as Christmas is over, Easter eggs will be here. Its almost as if those running the shops and displays wish our time away for us. 

For me, it has been a strange few days with my poetry book being released last Friday! I looked at it again the other day and my brain swings between “Oh my god, what was I thinking?” and “Im proud of this” . The book is out there and many people have bought their copy. Friends and family have definitely not let me down with their support!! Some of you will have received your own author signed copy with a few words of a personal nature , just for you.

For those of you that have purchased the book, I cannot thank you enough for your support. I`d love to hear your reviews of it, so please feel free to send them to me and I will add them to my page. Poetry book Comments and Reviews

This book was cathartic and soothing to write in a strange way. Everyone handles grief differently. I am not a talker when it comes to a subject like this, so this method was right for me.