Writers Island is a Facebook group that aspires to bring out the best in all published and to-be published writers. This piece was inspired by a prompt which said:-

“No, it doesn’t go there.”

“No, that doesn’t go there” she said to me.

Eyes rolled as she smirked, hand raised to her head.

How many times do I have to tell you.

Ive told you so often, I know your father has too.

No, that doesnt go there, We say it so much,

Shows you never take notice.  Not even a touch.

No that doesnt go there. I’m sick of those words.

Won`t say it no more  – its like you never heard.

“Why do I bother? “My mum said to me.

I tried to get a word in, maybe two or three.

Why do I bother as she walked away.

I could tell from those words, that was it for the day.

It never occurred to her, that it wasn`t me.

That put in the wrong place. It was wrong, was all she could see.

It never occurred that  I was not the one.

Didn’t seem to matter.

To her, it was done.