No time like the future



To me, Michael J Fox will always be Marty McFly. To others, he will be Alex Keaton or Mike Flaherty. Michael, having written two memoirs before, goes one step further in this book.  He looks at the mortality.  Will he be here forever? What happens if……?

This book is full of candid observations and stories about illness, health, getting older and how family and friends stepped up for him when they were needed.  Without giving too much away, this book looks at the daily negotiations he needs to have with his Parkinson’s Disease. This book looks at something that for the average person would be a simple accident but for him, it meant more. It looks at the other medical issues that he found he had and what he had to do to overcome.

Most of all this book indicates an absurd amount of continued optimism. A lesser person may have given up. A lesser person may have taken a wheelchair and not managed rehab. Michael J Fox is not that person.

Michael J Fox conveys emotion through his words. You know when he is fed up. You know when he is upset. You know when he is trying to protect his family. It shows through his delicate choice of words and emotional descriptions.

This book is the perfect instrument to guide you through reflection on what you do have rather than what you don’t.