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22nd December 2020

As we move towards the final week of December, please allow me to share these items. 

December 2020

Bruce Book Blog

Eleven Thousand hours

16th December 2020

Audio visual poetry is a delightful way to view a photographers images while hearing a writers work. When a photographer is in your immediate family and you, yourself, love to write…’s a recipe for success. 
Here is the latest audio visual show. 
Motorway service station

The link below will bring you to a custom poem written for someone special on the eve of her 70th birthday  

Mum, wife, you

10th December 2020

Let’s go.

24th November 2020.

Article in place discussing Australia and the little idiosyncrasies that you may encounter!

Welcome to Australia

Another new piece for today. “Broken Heart” poem. This was one of those “came to me at midnight, Scribble it down quick poems”

Broken Heart

17th November 2020. 

The latest interview is up and ready for reading!

Carol Beckham

16th November 2020. 

New work out for you to see.

Dinner Party

Dinner party was written by Carol Beckham (aka Mum!)

“Ramblings” Press

Ramblings book blog

November 2020

“Ramblings” book Reviews

There is also a brand new interview coming soon! Surprise subject!!

10th November 2020.

“Ramblings” book Reviews

Ramblings of a forty something widow is out there in the world and reviews are starting to come in, If you have purchased a copy, it would be lovely to see reviews posted from your place of purchase. If you were lucky enough to be sent one, please feel free to send me a review directly. Thank you to all those who have already done this!

I am also starting a book blog for each of my books. I will share where inspiration comes from for my poems as well as the cover for the book. You might get a sneak peak here and there of something from the book. I will let you know how I chose what went in the book and what didn’t. 

I will be continuing on with interviews too. Im working hard to try and secure some interview subjects.

26th October 2020

New poem out – Every Day

New section added to book pages. 

About this poetry book

I will also be adding reviews to the following page. Please feel free to send me your thoughts and comments on the book.

Poetry book Comments and Reviews

11th October 2020

Ramblings of a forty something widow is now available for purchase on pre-order. 

“Ramblings” poetry book purchase links

New poem available today.

Forget-Me-Not sky

7th October 2020

I also have a new interview. Aidan was a finalist on Britains got Talent 2020.

Aidan Mccann – magician

The latest blog entry just released also. 

October 2020

2nd October 2020

New audio visual poetry online. This one was written by Barry Beckham.

Seeing the Invisible

25th September 2020

Erika Eleniak – Actress

Araminta Hall – Author– coming soon

September 2020

Title out now of upcoming Childrens book: “My Adventures with Bruce”

18th September 2020

Release date for

‘Ramblings of a Forty Something Widow”

October 30

13th September 2020

Book review completed on the raw and honest memoir of Brisbane Broncos player, Darius Boyd. 

Book Review – Darius Boyd

BurnBella Designs Interview completed.

BurnBella Designs

New section included: Poetry from others.

Carol Beckham

3rd September 2020

New work in place.

Old Movies and Choices

The year of Firsts

September blog

22nd August 2020.

New poem in place today

The Sun danced – new poem

3rd August: Interview Articles added

What do three businesses and a photographer have in common? I interviewed all three! Check out the results of those interviews!

Sleepy Jo

Charlie Walker Interview

Barry Beckham

Jessica Tabone

Two new articles also.

Becoming a new writer.

The Quilt