May 2021

May 29th 2021

Here we are, two days from the end of another month. Time moves quicker and quicker nowadays. Seems impossible though as sometimes I feel like I have done nothing and the day has flown by!


Bruce has a release date! Mark in your diaries June 30!

When I think back to sending this book in April 2020, it seems that it has taken forever. Thanks to Covid, lockdowns and just what is simply a hell of a process, it seemed to go on and on. I am not the most patient person at the best of times but I was getting impatient. 

But now , its almost here. Marketing forms have been completed. I have tapped into some “celebrity” resources to see if I am can get some social media exposure. I`ve been in contact with schools to try and get readings done. 

The Facebook page for the book continues. I am in a few “promote your book” groups and am working my socks off trying to spin some support. 

Next week, I will have purchase links for pre-ordering. Ill post as soon as I get them. At the end of July, the first royalties for “Ramblings” come in too. I don’t, by any means, expect to make a heap of money, but it would be nice to get something for my work. 

Thank you for your support, emails, messages and more. 

May 22nd 2021

Is it me or do the weeks seem to be flying by? For me this week has been busy, here’s why. 

My Dad has had surgery this week on his eye which has meant that my nursing duties have kicked back into gear. 2 hourly eye drops and helping with anything that Dad can’t do, such as driving to appointments. If you have never had macula surgery, the recovery is, well, challenging. For the first 5 days, for 45 minutes of every hour you must lie with your head looking down towards the centre of the earth. Its to do with maintaining pressure on your eye and ensuring the repair heals well. Imagine if you could only get up for 15 minutes an hour? Life has been about timing this week and I like to think we’ve done pretty well between the two of us. Dad of course, had the hardest part. 

The rest of the news for Madhatter press is exciting. “My Adventures with Bruce” has gone to print. It seems like it has taken forever , what with COVID and the location of my publisher (right in the middle of imposed lockdowns). But we are there now! My next announcement will be a release date! 

The website has had a few little tweaks here and there this week too. I feel like I have been very busy!


May 16th 2021

Welcome to halfway through May and another weekend! This weekend Dad and I are housesitting for friends.  Feeding animals and watering veggie patches!  Their house is smack bang in the middle of my idea of heaven on earth! Welcome to the Glasshouse Mountains. 

It makes for a pleasant morning when you get up, sit outside with your laptop to write and you are staring at The Coochin Twins. Thats the mountains by the way!  Glasshouse Mountains is also home to my late husbands ashes. He had a specific request that his final resting place would be here. I honoured that last year.

Writing continues for me as well as a planned revamp of the website. A few tweaks here and there. Dad took a couple of pictures of me yesterday so who knows… may make it up here!    

May 9th 2021

Today in Australia , it is Mothering Sunday. A day for celebrating those who have raised and nurtured us since birth. Of course, they may be a mother figure as opposed to your mother, but they will have gifted you love, life lessons and more over the years. For some of you, like me, you no longer have a mother. Those thoughts and memories will still be with you today and I am thinking of you all.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to assist in writing a Mother’s Day speech for a celebrant that has been asked to deliver the mothers day service in Adelaide.  What an honour to be asked. 

Live stream of Mother’s Day

I miss my mum today. Like anyone who has lost a mother, I’d love one more gossip, one more shopping trip, one more having dinner together. I can however sit here today and reflect on how lucky I was to have 70 years of my mum . Almost 50 years of memories, laughs and smiles. I am so grateful for that. 

May 3rd 2021

Today, madhatterpress is a year old. I can’t quite believe that myself. Who knew, just over a year ago when I was chatting to dad about a website that I’d be here! 7 articles; 2 poems; 2 books; a third almost done, as well as more on the way!
What a year it has been. Thank you for the love and support. Keep sharing the site and a quick reminder….if you have a copy of “ramblings of a forty something widow” reviews are appreciated so please jump onto Amazon and leave your honest review.