March 2021

March 28th 2021

After caring for Mark for many years and then Mum for almost 2 years after that, it was time for a break. The loss of Mum to her forever sleep, meant that Dad and I could consider time away. At the suggestion of Dad, a booking was made and we headed off to Woodgate.

Woodgate was a place that dad liked. If I can sum it up, quiet is an understatement. When you have had a few years caring and you need a break, this is the place. Walk to a cafe, sit on the beach and drink at the local. Have I tempted you yet?!?!?

We left on the Monday in the mother of all rainstorms which followed us all the way to late Tuesday night. By the last few days, the sun came out, my freckles appeared and my hair was blonder, thanks to a healthy dose of vitamin c. 

It was just the thing that we both needed.  Time, relaxation, reading, walking and photography. Dad even learned how to fly his drone again!!

March 22nd 2021

When you have been caring for someone for a few years as Dad has, and close to eight years as I had, one thing you know that you need is a break. The tough part of course, is admitting it to yourself and doing something about it.  Well, dad and I knew we needed a break and we did something about it.

Here I am, sitting here in Woodgate. A few hours north of where I usually reside in a town of about 900 people. A beach house is my home. A relaxing week is ahead and the hope that the SE Queensland rain event has done its worst.

Seems funny being somewhere different. A first holiday for dad without mum. It’s a first holiday for me without Mark too. Strange times when you have to adapt to a new normal.

So, we have cameras, fishing rods, bikes, food, alcohol and iPads (plus my laptop for my writing). The internet signal is poor to non-existent so……adios!

Sunday March 14th 2021

It has been a strange week. Every morning I get up and expect to see Mum in her room , but slowly realisation dawns that the time has passed. The main bedroom is now refitted for Dad but of course, Mum is the element that is missing.

We have had a busy week. We have revisited some friends and been out and about. Day trip to the Gold Coast. We went to a UK pub on Tambourine mountain to find some great beer and lovely food. We have been to Bribie Island. We’ve been to lunch and dinner in a couple of places and culminated our week yesterday in a drive to Maleny and Lake Baroon which is where the above photo was taken. 

We had a lovely day and finished up at Beerwah Tavern (Great idea Dad!!). After successfully demolishing a meat platter , we headed home. The other thing I did yesterday (which I had been debating for some time) was visit the Opals Down Under store. I had sold a surround sound system that I had no use for anymore and a few hundred dollars was in my purse.That was the catalyst for me.I felt that I could afford and justify them now. 

Now the proud owner of a pair of solid black opal earrings. 

March 6th 2021

Since I last posted, my tribute to mum has been posted, along with a link to my dads tribute too. It’s a sad and surreal time but one that I have to get used to. After losing Mark, it is a little like reliving it again through dads eyes but I have to remember that the knowledge I have from experiencing it, can help him get  through too.

My writing hit a stop understandably with everything that happened. We ( dad & I ) have been out and about together.  Going for walks, grabbing lunch and just generally leaving the house when we feel we want too.

When you have been locked in for 2 years and the key has been turned, enabling you to do what you want, when you want, you can’t always get up and go. The will to do things isn’t always there but it will return in time.

My weekly blog continues and I am awaiting the next proofs for “Bruce”. Changes had to be made to the acknowledgements to reflect Mum.

For now, it’s one day at a time.