Madhatter in Wanderland

For those of you reading my pages, you know me as Madhatterpress. Author, poet and blog writer. You know me as author of two books. Now I am adding another string to my bow! 

I am branching out into travel blogs. Covid has seen Australia closed to the world for what seems like a long, long time. When overseas visitors can come back to our shores, I am hoping that I will have some information for them all to read. 

As you know, due to tragedy in the family with my husband and my mum, it has thrown my Dad and I together in a unique situation. Not only do we share living arrangements but we travel together too. 

As we are not able to travel overseas, we have started travelling here in Australia, just locally at the moment. Already I can put Woodgate, Rainbow Beach and the Glasshouse Mountains on my list. 

So here is the plan. Every trip we take, I`ll write about it. I plan to look at places we loved to eat and visit. Travel distances from nearest city, pretty much a bit of everything. 

So, come along for the ride. It might be a bit bumpy at times but we can go on the journey together.