Back in 2020, I wrote a poem called “Loved”. It was written in respect of Mark and myself. Recently I was asked to write some words for a wedding, an honour in itself. (They got married today 21/8/21!!) 

I took the poem that meant so much to me and adjusted it to reflect a love of now, not a love of the past. 

Here is “Love” – written exclusively for todays wedding.

You look at me with an undeniable passion that never wanes.

Your love is fierce and daring.

I feel so protected , so safe with you.

Let it last forever.

I love you like I have never loved  anyone before.

Overwhelming, life changing

I never knew a feeling like this could happen.

So strong and compelling.

Every memory of our love will be with me forever

Never leaving me.

Feeling the passion and fierceness

The protector in you

Making memories for ever