Writers island.

I belong to a writers group on Facebook and am featured on their “Meet the authors” page. I am a member of Writers Island. Each month there is a Writers Prompt competition. It may be a word, a photo or a setting. I entered in April , my first time and won. 

I am featured on their social media along with my winning story. 

The prompt was “Nature of the beast”.  I had several ideas but stepped away from the obvious ones.  I turned the prompt completely on its head. My story was based on a woman with a terminal illness. The ‘beast’ being the illness and the ‘nature of it’ being how the female of the story took control . 

Navigating the w word. Widowhood only grief

As I became a widow , I realised that everyone had an opinion on grief. Everyone had their own opinion on how I should think, feel and act. This article was written to try and put how I managed my situation into words so that others may realise, its ok to do it your way.

From nursing to notebooks: finding the new me

As I traversed a new life as a widow, I realised that I was looking for a new career. My old career as a nurse was no longer right. It didn’t suit me anymore. I needed something new.

Lockdown, the pandemic

During the pandemic for COVID19, it was a time for documenting. What did I see? How were people coping? What did I do? 

Where do most falls occur in the elderly?

My first freelance job in my new career came hand in hand with writing about my old job. 

Bathroom falls and injuries in the elderly.

This was the second article in the series.

How far can you go on a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are seen frequently and are becoming more popular. With that popularity comes questions and risks. This article answered one such question and looked at potential risks.

How fast do mobility scooters go? 

Another question answered on mobility scooters. The speed of mobility scooters is directly related to the risk and something that must be considered. 

Sleepy Jo

Shelley Lovegrove, founder and creator of Sleepy Jo became my first one on one interview. 

Jessicas skin and beauty Facebook page

Jessica Tabone, beauty therapist from Buderim became my second  one on one interview.

Beckham digital photography

Barry Beckham was my third one on one interview. His web site showcases his images, techniques and videos. 

Charlie Walker Plumbing & Heating Facebook Page

Charlie Walker, whom I recently interviewed has an extensive Facebook page for his business. 


BurnBella Designs is a jewellery company in Brisbane, interviewed for an article.