Let’s go.

To the tune of “let it snow”

Oh the weather outside is hot now.

And the sun it burns so bright now.

The beach is the place to go. 

So lets go, so lets go, so lets go!


It doesn’t show signs of raining.

So, the suncream we’ll be draining.

The clouds have gone, sun it glows.

So, let’s go, so lets go, so lets go.


When we go to the beach I admit,

How I hate going out when it’s bright  

The sun burns me red, I quit.

All the day hiding from sight!


As the sun goes down this evening,

And our friends we are goodbye-ing.

As long as we have had fun.

Should go home, lets go home, we’ll go home.


As we finally say goodbye.

After having just one more beer.

We really should get going.

Where’s our designated driver? She’s here!


Such a day we had together.

In Australia’s glorious weather.

There is no time left to roam.

Lets go home, let’s go home, let’s go home.